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After my Levi’s blew out last week I needed to go through my stuff to find my other pants since I was suddenly down to basically one pair of everyday pants. Those pants are Riggs Ranger Pants – khaki cargo pants but made rugged for the outdoors. They are convenient with all the pockets and rvery comfortable, but they are not Levi’s 501 jeans. Nothing is, however I think they are not built as good as they used to be.

So, as I was going through my stuff I found another pair of Riggs…and two more pairs of 501s I forgot I had. Jackpot! Now that’s a major score! That was kind of exciting to find those jeans. I actually do have a black pair of Riggs but I keep them set aside if I need to do something less casual.

Since we are in the enrollment period for health insurance I had to get that finished up. I don’t really go to the doctor much, but when I do it’s a biggie (shoulder surgery, heart attack, triple bypass). My present plan is doubling in price so I reluctantly needed to make a change. I decided to get some help from a licensed agent to bounce ideas off of and point me in the right direction. It was free so it was time and no money well-spent.

It’s easy to fall in the trap of paying for more than what you need by expecting the worst. I told him I don’t go to the doctor often so he suggested a few options I should consider. This is exactly why I asked for help.

I ended up getting a plan that was free! It saves me quite a lot of money every month and covers what I need. It has a high deductible so fingers crossed I don’t have major issues, but I’m not anticipating anything major (I guess we never really do, though…). Still covers my prescriptions, which is always important. Yeah it’s a little risky, but so is getting in your car.

I got all the fajita chicken cooked up. It turned out pretty good. I was hoping to cook it outside but, much like Hamburger Helper, the peppers and onions kept falling through the grill 🤣🤣🤣. Seriously, though, I thought about cooking it in cast iron on the grill but there’s a front moving through and it’s very cold & windy and really too cold to cook efficiently. I wasn’t sure the grill would stay as hot as I wanted, so I threw everything in my Dutch oven and let it simmer on the kitchen stove. I had some for lunch and have about 6-8 meals left for the freezer.

I have quite a bit of food made up and frozen so I have been working on eating that up. I’m trying to not fill the freezer or it will never get eaten in time since I’m single. I think I’m gonna have to cut back on cooking so much for a while. Plus, I have pastas and sauces, rice noodles, dried beans and canned items in my pantry if things get hard to find.

I’ve always felt it’s difficult to cook for one. Luckily, my Pestle app has the ability to scale recipes to fit the servings…IF you remember to use it! I have remembered a few times and it was a very nice feature to have. It’s also really handy if you have everything for a recipe except not enough of one item. You can scale it down to your limited ingredient amount and still make a smaller version of your recipe!

Like I said earlier it’s cold & windy. Some weather moving in tonight and into tomorrow morning, but later in the day it’s supposed to be around 60. Then the bottom falls out and it’ll be pretty cold for several days.

I’m calling it a night. Thanks for reading!

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