Bon Appétit!, Just Another Day, TV, Airline Tickets

Sundays have been my cooking days for a few years now and today was no different.

My last grocery deliver had a 5 lb. package of boneless skinless, chicken thighs and I needed to do something with them.

I looked up fajita recipes and found one that I had all of the ingredients except for some honey so I faked it with some sugar. Took a while but I cut up 3 lbs. of those thighs and they are marinating overnight in the fridge. The other two lbs. I cleaned up and grilled for use later. Not sure what I’ll make with that batch yet.

I diced up some russets, seasoned them up and added olive oil, then grilled them in some foil pouches. I made enough to have for another meal maybe tomorrow. As those finished up it was time to grill up the last three salmon burgers. These rotten dogs of mine split one, I had one for lunch, and the last one is in the fridge. A pretty productive morning!/early afternoon!

Otherwise today has pretty much been a slack day, just hanging out with a little Europe guidebook reading and some TV. These broadcast channels have some pretty horrible shows, and the one that comes in the best is unfortunately full of shows I really don’t like: reality TV.

Oh well. I have times I don’t even bother turning the damn thing on. Plus, since I refuse to spend $100+ for satellite TV I get whatever is being broadcast. I am trying to get some sort of a desk figured out to get the computer closer to the TV to access my movies.

I’ve been looking into flights to use my miles on and boy howdy…airfares are sky high right now to go most everywhere. Even though I want to use my airline miles the value of those fluctuates along with airfares. I did find some possibilities but I haven’t booked anything yet. I’m not sure about the best option but I’m still leaning toward burning up my miles to save laying out cash for a ticket.

But, when you use miles you still have to pay a little cash with miles for your ticket. Some, but not all, of the mileage prices I have seen are spendy, and it’d probably be cheaper to just buy the fare outright and save the miles. I have to look at options and do what is the smartest. I’ll work on it the next few days and get things figured out.

It’s a pain in the ass trying to look it up on my phone but since I have no internet I have to do what I can. I’ll have to hotspot my phone with my computer and do that for now. At least it’s easier that way.

Much like my holiday decorations…

…that’s all there is for this post!

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