Posts Not Posting. Oh…and a Lake, a Wok, and some other stuff

I am not too sure what happened with scheduling my posts. I had one from a few days ago that never published and the one for yesterday did not publish until I forced it as well. Weird.

I have been stopping into Dollar (.25) Tree for a few things lately. The reason is not the price. For the price the packaging is smaller. The portions are perfect for a single person. The main thing I get is the Lance snack crackers. As opposed to the normal six crackers to a pack, these have four. This helps with portion control and is pretty much the same price per cracker as buying the packs with six at Walmart. Plus, they have the Captain’s Wafers packs I like that most other stores don’t carry.

Well, my Aldi tabletop griddle was a bust. First the knob would only fit upside down. They sent me a new one. Last week I was finally going to use it and something with the end of the propane regulator was put together wrong and it would not work. It just wouldn’t fit tight enough to let the propane through; it’s a safety feature. The company had no replacement parts and it was unknown when they’d have what I needed. I got a return slip and took it back to Aldi and got a refund quickly and without a hassle. Still a bummer.

It gets a bit frustrating trying to find some business information online like hours of operation or even prices. Frustrating in that many use social media as a “website” (which to me isn’t a real one). If you have a business page on Farcebook you should understand that not all of us use that privacy-busting timesuck so we cannot see your “website” or even visit your business if we cannot get any details. Do a real website. And please keep it updated.

I took a drive today to Leavenworth State Fishing Lake. I have not been there for many years. Seems like the last time I was at the lake I may have been tent camping. I think you used to be able to camp on the shore but I did see a campground.

Leavenworth State Fishing Lake near Tonganoxie, KS

The website is poor at best, and this is a state agency. I did see that the land it encompasses around the lake and includes a state wildlife refuge (which is awesome) was acquired fully in 1930 so it is an old lake.

Strange to see these fish names. Used to crabbing and salt water species.

I looked and have no idea about camping fees, regulations or campgrounds other than one campground sign that was posted “No alcoholic beverages or cereal malt beverages allowed”. I have a glass of wine with dinner every night so I have to be aware of that in campgrounds.

Leavenworth State Fishing Lake near Tonganoxie, KS

Since I don’t have any ideas about camping fees I cannot post any info here, but if interested give them a call and ask questions. No entry fees (I didn’t see anything posted along the road). Maybe let them know this info would be good to have online. It’s a nice little park that seems quiet and I would definitely stay here.

I’m inclined more to seek out these small parks because it’s not only cheaper but they are really decent accommodations. You can do without your cable TV and full utilities for a few nights of what camping is really about.

I have stayed in a few city parks and they can be a phenomenal value in a place you might not have normally ventured. The one I stayed in when I was in Nebraska a few years back was something like $15 for water/electric and they had a dump station. I was the only one there and it was in a quiet park in a little town.

On the way back I drove through Tonganoxie. It’s a typical old, small Midwest town with some mom & pop businesses and empty storefronts along with a few new businesses. One that I always remember is this old hotel across from the city pool:

It’s been a busy day. After the lake I decided to get my laundry out of the way. On the way to the laundrette I dropped off some things I no longer needed at Goodwill. After laundry I got the previously mentioned griddle returned to Aldi, then I came back and did some rearranging in the garage.

I did some organizing but there is more to do. However it was time for dinner so I got out the wok burner and did up a plate of stir fried veggies. It was delicious & fresh. (Un)fortunately it doesn’t reheat well so I had to eat the whole damn package. At least it’s healthy.

Wok are you looking at

I finished up the daylight hours enjoying a glass of wine while kicking back in a lawn chair. A nice evening to relax outside.

Hope you had/have a great day wherever you are!

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