September 21st, 2022

Holy cow. 🤦🏼‍♂️ I just learned something pretty basic about cooking that I did not know until just a few minutes ago. Maybe some of you already knew this…or not.

Glass measuring cups (the ones that are 1 cup and larger) are for liquids, whilst the individual measuring cups in 1-cup and smaller are for dry ingredients. Wow. Why didn’t I know that before now. That seems so basic. But, it might explain a few things! 🤣🤣🤣

This afternoon I mowed an area in the yard so the dog and I can play Frisbee. It keeps the chiggers down and less tall grass to walk through…but I still hate it. He’s going to like it though but it may not be big enough for him. I’m going to mow some around the back next and call it good.

Don’t know if I can finish up mowing tomorrow anyhoo. I wear clothes once and then put them in a bag to keep the chiggers from spreading in the house. When I go do laundry I empty everything in the washer and then my “mower clothes”, shut the door, and hit start. That gets rid of them.

Fall is without a doubt in the air tonight – it’s down to 70 degrees F and will be in the mid-50s overnight. It started cooling off while I was mowing then it started to sprinkle. I just kept mowing since I was already wet from sweating. The few sprinkles felt good with the breeze but I mainly wanted to get the last spot finished up that I started to mow in case it rained more. Plus I needed to get the grass clippings off of my body before I was invaded by insects.

I have been working out some ideas and will see what I need to set up an outdoor kitchen of some type. It’ll be very basic and nothing fancy, but it’ll be nice looking and functional but upcycled and cheap. I’m anxious to try to figure it out. You know I love to cook outdoors!

Wow. The big glass measuring cups are for liquids!

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