A Pretty Busy Day Today

I got a good chunk of the back yard mowed today so I’m probably able to start working on my outdoor kitchen. I spent several hours pushing the mower around, and some areas took 3-5 passes it was so thick. I don’t think much more grass growth will be achieved with these really cool nights so I can probably turn my attention to making this project. I got all the area I wanted to use mowed.

It’s good therapy, this kitchen idea. It will be good to have something to work on that is not what I really should be working on but something I NEED to work on for me. Plus I will get use and enjoyment out of it when it’s done. Hopefully others will too.

Tonight I grilled up a Trident salmon burger (I only use Pacific or Alaskan products), toasted the bun on the grill, and mixed up some rainbow potatoes with olive oil & Italian Soffrito seasoning from TJ’s that were roasted on the grill in a foil pouch with some onion, parsley, and a little red bell pepper. Deeeelicious, filling, and fairly healthy.

The potatoes were not crispy, but were cooked just to done and were actually quite good and melted in the mouth. I really like those little potatoes; they cook up much differently to me. I found the buns somewhere else while traveling so I have to buy more when I am back that way and stock up. They are very high in whole grain and the texture is great. Not like eating a hay bale, but definitely not white bread. It can be difficult to find whole grain breads and buns. Maybe I need to start looking into baking.

I was actually thinking about that today. I need to buy yeast to make pizza dough so I might as well try to bake some bread. I have the flour and a stand mixer so I can make it happen. I have never baked bread before and to be honest it’s a bit intimidating.

I need one of those rollout mats for making bread on the countertop. It would make for easier cleanup and would be handy for making pie crust, tortillas and pasta too.

Tomatoes are starting to go a bit crazy. I have six on the windowsill, another ready to pick, and another about three days out from picking. I also have two orange sweet peppers that’ll be ready in maybe a week. One habanero is ripening so I guess I need to look at a salsa recipe. I will look up some dried tomato recipes and maybe work on that tomorrow. These are small, firm, pear-shaped tomatoes (sorry…that sounded like a romance novel…) that are good for drying. One should be a good table tomato.

I also have a can of Cento tomatoes to see just what the fuss is about the San Marzano tomatoes. They are certified and have to come from a certain region in Italy. They must be special. That might be good to use with my friend Jim’s vodka sauce. He just might have to send me his recipe to try!

Getting more work done on the garage. Mainly I’m getting the bigger things organized and put someplace; after that I’ll work on going through the smaller things. I’ve been doing a little yard work and a little organizing. It may seem a little disjointed, but I am just trying to maximize my day by doing things while the grass is wet then mowing when it dries out until I have had enough. I am hoping this is the first and last mowing of the year.

I gotta say my $25 mower is doing a fine job. It’s a big job and it did all I needed it to do without a problem aside from getting a new blade. I am very impressed. With all the grass on the ground now it really needs to be raked. There are a LOT of clippings. Maybe I’ll look into renting a power rake. It would really help the yard out.

But, at least I now have a good defensible space as well as some places to be outside that have been trimmed. Next thing I’ll do is get the brush piles picked up and hauled around back to burn with the rest.

Until then, I think it’s almost time for sleep.

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