July 21st, 2022

A few days ago I was standing up and decided to stretch. It was at that moment something hit me all of a sudden.

The ceiling fan.

While stretching I inadvertently stuck my hand into the whirring blades of said ceiling fan. Felt like my fingers were smashed with a hammer. It really hurt like hell. I was concerned that two of my fingers might have been broken but they appear to be fine other than still being very sore and bruised. Good thing it wasn’t a helicopter!

Gas prices are still heading down and it’s now around $3.85 here. Pretty exciting to see that since I’m still wanting to do some traveling. It’s still too high for a long trip but maybe I’ll look at some things to do that are close by to appease my travel desires for now.

It’s too hot to leave the dog in the truck so I’ll have to either leave him home or find dog-friendly places. Even then it’s too hot for either of us to be outside to do something like hike. It’d be the same issues if we were camping, too.

Now I’m hoping the price of propane goes down. I usually get my tanks refilled but lately I found that around here it’s actually cheaper just to trade them in for a full one at the store instead of finding a place to refill.

Looks to be a bit crazy traveling in Europe right now, what with airport issues and sweltering heat and fires all happening there. Plus, there’s that new pesky ‘rona variant spreading fast.

I got an old birdbath set up and filled with water yesterday and the birds went crazy. They looked like a bunch of city kids playing in an open fire hydrant. It’s cracked, however, and the water leaks out so I took care of it with some trusty Flex Seal. I figure it works on a screen door boat so it oughta seal the cracks up nicely. Maybe that guy on the ad will be sitting in my birdbath when I wake up in the morning. Hopefully he has clothes on if he is. I’ll know tomorrow!

Today it’s just too hot to be outside and I guess it’s going to be like that all weekend. Cooler weather is on the way so we will get a break next week. I have a ton of outside things needing done so I’ve been getting out first thing in the morning and taking care of what I can until I can’t take the heat anymore.

I was out earlier running errands today and got the ingredients for a new recipe to try called “One-pot Chicken Pasta Pesto”. It’s fairly healthy and looks delicious so I thought I’d make a big batch of it and freeze some for later. I have enough ingredients for a double batch so that’s what I’m gonna do.

I’m going to start going through some more of my recipes and doing some real cooking again. I have a few more I really want to try, and I have so many unique pizza recipes that look so good. Maybe next week after it cools off I will do that. I have marinated mozzarella I need to use up, and I got another basil plant for fresh basil. Sounds like a plan! Haven’t made a pizza in a while.

Aldi has many wonderful and unique items; many of their frozen and deli items are interesting & delicious, those individually wrapped chocolate sticks are a great portion control for a sweet, and I just discovered some organic fruit snacks that are mixed berry flavor and taste better than most other fruit snacks. They are non-GMO, and no artificial flavors or colors.

(When I mention a name brand item on here it’s only because it’s my opinion; I simply like an item. I don’t make anything from mentioning products, companies or places, on here. If I could benefit financially I always disclose that before mentioning something. I’m not sponsored by any company or product.)

I was reading the other day that my old plasma TV, which isn’t 4K but still has a great picture, is a real power hog. One article said, and it’s on the internet so it’s true, that my TV probably uses as much electricity as a refrigerator when it’s on and still quite a bit in standby. A refrigerator!! I started turning the power strip off it’s plugged into so I can save on my bill. A refrigerator…that’s just insane!

That’s about it for this post. Have a great day/night (depending on where you are!).

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