July 9th, 2022

I picked up some Wahlburger patties from the meat department at Hy-Vee a few days ago. I have never had a Wahlburger (they even have a restaurant in the store) but I have heard they are good so I thought I would try them at home. I got a package of slider buns to go with them; seemed logical since I bought slider patties. Smaller burgers = less meat and a bit healthier even on a splurge day. Plus it was all they had for Wahlburgers.

I fired up the grill and tossed a couple of them on. I pressed some diced onion into them but added no other seasoning. These are made from a special blend of different cuts of meat and I wanted to taste them without any spices added. It smelled oniony – just like The Cozy Inn in Salina, KS as I cooked them up.

I took a bite and I see what the fuss is about. That is one damn delicious burger. The mixture of different cuts of meat tasted so good. After that taste I added some Colman’s mustard – delicious English mustard that is much different, and much better, than the stuff from “France” 😬 🤣🤣🤣.

I usually top my burgers with mustard, onion, lettuce, tomato, and pickles but mustard & onion is a long-time favorite if I don’t have the other ones. I have had burgers topped with gyro meat, turkey pastrami, ham…and even one with potatoes, and all were very delicious. You may think putting those meats on a burger makes no sense. What about a bacon cheeseburger? Those are delicious so why not the others?

Can’t eat stuff like that anymore though! A regular burger without that stuff is bad enough. A week or so ago I looked at the Subway menu for something different and I cannot eat much of anything on there…if at all. One 6” sandwich is usually over my sodium intake allowance for a whole day, and that is one without cold cuts (which are so bad for you)! Yeah, Jared may have lost a bunch of weight eating there but I bet his blood pressure was sky high. Probably not as high as when he got to prison though.

I have been buying those chopped salad kits in a bag. For the price of one pre-made salad bowl I can make about five or six wraps out of a bag, plus they have a variety of veggies and dressings so you can mix it up. It’s a great way to save money and eat healthy. Not to mention the fact that chopped salads are a real pain in the ass to eat so making it into a wrap solves that issue, too.

It’s looking like we are finally getting a break from this stifling heat we have had and will see a cooler next few days. That will be welcome relief. It’s still cool this morning so the windows are open to get from fresh air circulating until it gets too warm and/or humid. It’s really helping with the electric bill, too.

It’s been way too hot to be outside doing much but with the improving forecast I’ll be back outside getting things done in the yard. I have been getting things done inside the house during the heat so I’m getting some stuff accomplished one way or another.

With gas prices dropping fairly fast I have devised a new strategy: I don’t fill the tank. My gas tank is 31 gallons and it gets pretty expensive to fill it, so I am now just putting in a quarter tank or so and watching the prices go down fairly quickly. I generally don’t drive much so I don’t use much and have made a point of driving less to save fuel. Last time I got gas a few days ago it was around $4.25; today it was at $4.13, but two weeks ago it was $4.55. I won’t fill up again unless I’m hitting the road or prices stabilize. A drop in price of just a quarter a gallon is $7.00 on a fill-up so it can add up fast. An easy way to save money.

I still plan on getting the trailer out some more this year and with the falling gas prices I’m sure many others are thinking about doing that too. I guess there’s always the hotel option but I’d really rather have my trailer.

I still need to find an upholstery shop to work on the cushions for the trailer. I want to take the big mattress out and use it in the house, and the cushions are worn out without much “cushion” to sleep on comfortably, but the main thing is I cannot access two storage compartments to make any real use of. The trailer doesn’t have much storage and losing that access makes it worse.

One of those is the water tank and pump. I like to keep the hoses and filter in there but cannot currently do that so I have to haul that stuff in the truck. The other could be for clothes or bedding. I also cannot set up the dinette in the back since it’s covered by the mattress. I need to get the cushions re-done and a couple of cushions I want modified to make it even easier to access those compartments.

That’s about all for now.

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