July 29th, 2022

I made my pasta dish for lunch earlier this week and it turned out like this:

One-pot Chicken Pesto Pasta

It was pretty tasty, which is a good thing since I made a double batch! I ended up with eight servings so the freezer is getting stocked up with homemade goodness. If you don’t like pesto you probably won’t like this as pesto is the main flavor. It is fairly healthy and you can click on the link under the picture if you want to make it at home.

I got some of those delicious salmon burgers and a package of frozen lamb/beef gyro strips when I was at Costco a few days ago. I picked up toppings and pitas for the gyros and it was really good. Hmmm, now THAT would be a good pizza too!

I downloaded an app called Pestle when it came out last winter. I got a special deal for free lifetime Pro version when I downloaded it but it’s well worth paying for. It’s a great app for collecting recipes and is extremely helpful using it in the kitchen. This is my first time using any app for cooking and this app is fantastic. Scale or convert recipes, download or scan recipes, built in timers, step-by-step cooking that keeps your phone from locking…a fantastic and dry useful app. I recommend it if you enjoy cooking.

When I was out running around last week I stopped at Aldi to grab a few things and saw something of interest that I have been wanting: a tabletop flat-top griddle. It runs on propane and is also small enough to be portable. They had them marked down 50% off but I didn’t put one in my cart. I instantly regretted it as I pulled out of the parking lot.

The next day I had to run to town to get eyewash after getting something in my eye and afterwards I decided to go back to Aldi to get one of those griddles. Good thing I did since they only had one left on the shelf and it was still marked down to $40. I nabbed it without hesitation. I have never cooked on a flattop and can’t wait to try it out!

I’d rather cook outdoors not only for keeping the house cool and the clean-up easy but it’s just really nice to cook outdoors. Plus with the new griddle, the grill, my camp stove/oven, my wok burner and my wood pellet pizza oven I can just about cook anything outdoors. I’m going to have to come up with a table to put all of these appliances on or, better yet, create an outdoor kitchen to have some working surfaces to use.

I just saw an article about Graceland, the Elvis Presley property, being in financial default. I think we are going to start seeing more of this, and it’s not just because of the economy. I think as more time passes, most places like this will close. Those who remember people like this will die off and there will be little to no interest from later generations in these people or their contributions.

I remember one time as a kid we stopped at the Walter P. Chrysler boyhood home out in Kansas on one of our many family vacations to Colorado. It’s on one of those signs you pass on the Interstate. My bet is they get very little business these days and it’s just a matter of time it will pass into history. It’s just the way things are. Honestly I couldn’t believe that I still saw a sign for the place last year since I figured it may have closed years ago.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that these things happen but it’s just the way things work out. People are forgotten by later generations and trends change.

It’s why I always say to stop and see places while you are close by (remember, you never know if you’ll be there again), but there are other reasons to stop. The place you shoulda stopped to see the last time you were traveling in an area can close down so see it while you can! It also boosts the local economy and helps these places keep the doors open just a bit longer. You might also learn something new.

It has been rainy & cool the last few days. Good to see the A/C, and my wallet, finally getting a break. The ground is cracked and the grass is crunchy so we definitely need a slow rain to soak in. Looking like decent weather the next few days with cooler temperatures. It’s a welcome change from the stifling heat and humidity but that rears its ugly head again next week.

Even with the hot humid weather I have gotten some things done in the yard recently. Got some tree limbs cut up and cleaned up. I took out a couple of bushes to keeps the roots from damaging the foundation further, and some trees will be thinned out to get things healthy in the yard once again. There’s now several brush piles needing burned but I may wait until Fall and get more tree parts gathered up to add to the pile. It’s definitely a lot of work, and much more to go, but it’s paying off and looking much better around here.

I’ve had a lot I’ve needed to do recently so travel has been moved down the to-do list a few spots. I need to do some traveling soon but these things needing done have been a priority. Adulting sucks sometimes.

That’s all for now.

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