July 3rd, 2022

Time for some change.

As you may (or may NOT) have noticed, I have decided to change the name of the site. I chose this name because I wanted it to more accurately reflect my blog. I feel that this new name more accurately describes my blogging style; it’s about the journey and destination not just in travels, but in life in general.

With that change comes a new website address of “journey-and-destination.com” so be sure to bookmark this new one. The old “theshortshorttrailer.net” will still point this way for another year; I did not want the site to switch over and leave people behind if they (hopefully) want to keep reading it.

I was really debating continuing the blog even after I decided a few months back that I would continue – in fact, my plan and website domain had actually expired a few days ago. I just did a renewal/upgrade but I believe luckily everything is still intact as far as old posts and such.

It was difficult to think about letting this all turn to digital dust and, for me, it is hard to NOT write and post after doing so for so long. As I said, it’s a labor of love and after ten years it is part of me so I just could not give it up. It was expensive to do the upgrade but at least with the upgrade I can do some new things.

I will probably be changing my approach to the blog in some aspects, but basically the same witty, interesting writing style and personal adventures you have all come to know and love me for will not change 🤣. I am not 100% sure what changes will come along so I guess we will all be surprised together. I will still not be posting my current location while traveling – that will definitely not be changing.

That’s enough of that. Welcome to Journey-and-Destination.com!

It has been way too hot. I have had more than enough of this nonsense but, much to my chagrin, it is gonna be worse the next few days. They keep talking about rain but it just is not coming true. One of the worst things is the hottest part of the day has been late afternoon around 4:00…basically early evening!

I got some meal prep taken care of this morning. I made up my breakfast and decided to make extra and put together a couple of breakfast burritos and some breakfast sandwiches for the freezer. I won’t be able to eat them every day but they are still within my diet restrictions. Meal prep is not only convenient but you can really monitor portions easier.

Fuel prices are finally starting to fall pretty quickly so hopefully I can travel soon but I have heard they may be headed back up. I hope not since I was hoping to go someplace after I get some things taken care of and it’s not like driving on the sun. Much like the rain, it’s no fun being stuck sitting in a trailer because it’s too hot to do anything.

I have been busy though. Yard work is never-ending but progress is being made, security cameras and system have been installed, other maintenance around the house is getting taken care of. And there is still plenty more to do.

I had a cardiology appointment last week and she was happy with everything. I can still drink wine and coffee and a hot tub is okay as long as all are in moderation (yeah, me…moderation 🤣🤣🤣). I have not had coffee in a few months now; I miss it but I don’t and my blood pressure has dropped a little since I stopped. It’s not like I drank that much anyway and that may be the reason I did not get headaches this time I stopped. I think if I had to choose wine would be the choice. I just cannot be drinking a bottle a night.

So that is about all for now. Be sure to bookmark the new address!

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