June 26th, 2022

I saw a sticker on a car a few days ago that I found the situation to be pretty funny. It said “MILFin’ ain’t easy” on the back of a car that had seen better days. Of course, you know that I just had to get up next to the car to see what the difficulties would be and see who would make such a bold statement.

As I pulled alongside and looked over it was quite apparent why “MILFin’ ain’t easy”. I’ll just leave it at that. Suffice it to say that it’s not because it’s busy.

Yesterday while running errands I was passing a pickup on a four-lane street – I was on the left, he was on the right. As I passed something caught my eye so I looked over and the driver was blowing into a DUI ignition interlock as he was frantically trying to turn into Home Depot. Not sure if he was worried the truck would stop working but he was sure in a hurry to get off the road.

Such is a day in my life…

A while back I posted about going to an international supermarket in St. Louis and picking up a few items. One of the things I got while shopping was a packet of Colman’s Cottage Pie Mix. Colman’s has several interesting mix and sauce packets but is famous for its unique mustard (which I have not had yet but I hear it is good). I will be getting a few of their other mix packets to try as well as a jar of the mustard. Hopefully I can find what I want locally.

I have longed to get back to the place in Dublin across from The Temple Bar where we got that delicious cottage pie so I thought I would try it at home with that mix. I made that up a few days ago and it turned out really good. I ended up with enough for eight meals so I got a little meal prep taken care of and in the freezer. I just have to remember to thaw a day or two ahead so I can bake it fresh – gotta have that crunch on the mashed potato topping! I have a scratch-made cottage pie recipe that I also want to try. The mix is good, but I also like the challenge of making it all myself.

It’s been hot and humid…but not inside! Been getting a lot of yard work taken care of in the cooler early part of the day then knocking off and heading inside when it gets to be too much to bear. At least this morning it was nice enough to have the windows open all day to air the place out.

That’s about all for this update.

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