June 7th, 2022

Sidewalk chalk art by my future forensic pathologist granddaughter…

(Sorry for the late post…got busy with life)

Wow…I did not even realize it. Today marks 13 months ago I had triple bypass surgery. Hard to believe that it has been over a year already.

As far as my health, I feel great. Still keeping most of the weight off (a few pounds came back for a guest appearance but they are in the process of being shown the door). Still, I am quite happy with the weight loss progress and watch my diet. The only real things still bothering me are the numbness and odd pains from the surgery.

The left side of my chest will probably never get all of the feeling back and even after a year it still feels pretty strange. One spot feels like it is where the wire is that they wired my chest back together with; it has an odd pain but luckily only when it is pushed on or I do things like swinging an axe (probably won’t be trying that again for a while…if ever). Fortunately, I don’t really notice it too much on a daily basis, but, it is annoying when I do.

I ran errands today and stopped at Costco to get gas. It was even expensive there and I ended up driving off $110.00 lighter. FFS. Greedy oil company bastards did that. It’s certainly going to make anything more than just a couple of longer trips less likely for now but I will still get some short ones in. I have not had the trailer out with these prices but I know it will not be cheap since gas mileage drops. Hopefully with the truck repairs it will help with that mileage.

But, it looks like some better weather is on the way for traveling! It has been very frustrating to be stopped by that but I’m not gonna drive someplace just to sit inside the trailer. And of course this has all happened while gas was less expensive. I have to squeeze in trips in between everyday life (and the weather) but things are falling into place. One thing about not going too much yet is it has given me the chance to save up some money.

I just don’t know if there can currently be very many long trips, however, but I still really want to go to see those last three states and am hopeful the prices fall soon (for many reasons). I just don’t know if that is doable. A few days ago I made a short trip and it cost me a fortune to go only a few hours. Luckily, I recently found a forest campground close-by (only a few miles away) that is cheap so that is a pretty good option to have a getaway for a few days.

I have considered flying someplace instead of driving, but rental cars are difficult-to-impossible to find and ridiculously expensive if you do find one plus the gas prices. Domestic airfares are ridiculously high as well, plus there’s dining out, hotels and ground transportation – the same issues with taking Amtrak someplace. Honestly, I can fly to Europe cheaper than a long road trip or Amtrak. And, of course, the ‘rona lurking everywhere usually keeps me in my own vehicle and quarters.

It is a very frustrating time to want to travel. Between the prices and stupid people it seems sometime it’s best to just stay home. But…I am just not wired that way…I like to travel.

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