January 31st, 2022

Yesterday I had one of those “on this day” photo reminders pop up on my iPad. It was a picture of Piccadilly Circus in London, England from my first trip to Europe. What an eye-opener going that first time.

Today I think I finally got the electrical issue in my trailer figured out. I watched some YouTube videos from an RV repair guy and that helped me narrow down the problem.

It took a lot of troubleshooting and patience to find the issue. Nothing made any sense from what I saw. I unhooked wires from the battery to check for a short to ground and there wasn’t one. I then looked at the wires and where they were hooked up. It ended up that it was a wiring issue from what I was able to diagnose.

It was hooked up good enough (somehow) to supply 12v power to the trailer, but the other wires were hooked up completely wrong, causing a short circuit that would not let the converter charge the battery. Don’t know how it got that way but it’s fixed now and has been working fine for the past nine hours or so. Glad to find this out after I spent $140 on the battery charger. Oh well, I can still make good use of the charger and it is much more useful than the old one. It will be nice to get the charger off the side of the trailer and out of the weather for safety.

I am glad to have that finally done. Tomorrow I’ll be putting in the replacement exterior outlet before the rain starts and that will be all of the repairs for now. There is some nasty weather moving in tomorrow night for a few days – rain, cold, sleet, snow, colder (single digits again) – so I am glad I can get this stuff taken care of now.

This year I need to focus on the shower repair getting done. It’s a big project that I am not real excited about doing. It’s going to be a multi-day project and it will be inconvenient in the process. There will be some things I am not familiar with repairing or taking apart, hence the hesitation. But, it’s gotta get fixed when the weather gets warmer, like in the Spring.

I found a few new places to go check out after the weather moves through. This will be a new experience for me and i was excited when I came across it.

That’s about all for now.

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