January 29th, 2022

I needed to do something. Tired of sitting around so I took the opportunity to go to Kansas City, MO for a little while.

I have not been downtown exploring in KC in several decades. It’s changed quite a bit in some areas. Good thing I have a GPS or I would have had to stumble around the city.

O’Yeah! 😬

The main thing I wanted to do was go to Browne’s Irish Marketplace. Such a cool little place with so much to see, buy, eat, and drink plus live music. The people working, and even the customers, were all so friendly and nice, and the place was very busy. I had on my hoodie from Sean’s Bar and when I was leaving a lady stopped me and said she had been there too.

After that I went to see the old River Quay area but it was too busy so I didn’t stop. But, I had a powerful hunger and Rosedale Barbeque was on the way out of town! Remember, there is no other Q worth eating anywhere else. Period.

Quite a filling lunch and a nice day to tailgate in the parking lot. I don’t eat inside anyplace anymore so it all worked out well.

Next, Meghan asked me to stop to pick up some cookies on the way home. Not just any cookies, mind you…THESE cookies:

Oh man. So good but they are huge.

So much for today’s diet! Oh well, I’ve been eating salads, pita with hummus, and overnight oats so this was a splurge day for me. Down about three pounds this week so I’m happy with that too. It’s back to the diet tomorrow.

That’s all for today.

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