February 1st, 2022

Weather is changing as I begin this post. It was overcast this morning but cleared up and became very nice while I was out getting a few supplies. I was going to stop on the way back to get my spare propane tank filled but there was a huge line. I went on home and made another trip back later.

It’s been raining, which is too bad. It’s 61 degrees outside and it would be nice to be outside since I’ll be cooped up inside the next few days as it snows and sleets like hell. Winter Storm Warnings usually mean bad things.

While I was out my new Cotopaxi backpacks that I posted about previously showed up. They are really nice and I sure do like the organization on them so much more than my Osprey. But, I do like the hip belt and shoulder straps on it a little bit more.

They are certainly colorful inside & out and it’s cool that they make use of remnants to put together these Del Dia versions and designed by the person sewing them – hence the variety of colors. The packs are nicely made and quite unlike other bags I have looked at.

I got a picture postcard with each one that has the name of a refugee signed on it and the words “Do good and adventure on!” written in their native language. The two I got were from Afghanistan refugees in Salt Lake City, UT, which is Cotopaxi’s HQ. Nice touch!

I have been wearing my merino wool shirts lately but something just was not right with the fit. I discovered that the sleeves are 1.5” shorter than the sleeves on my other shirts. That means whenever I raise my arms my armpits are completely exposed, like I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt. It doesn’t fit right, is uncomfortable and a bit embarrassing if I am out in public. Definitely not a good look in a restaurant.

I didn’t think I could return them but contacted the company anyway to discuss the problem with them. My thinking is always “all they can do is say no” so it never hurts to ask. They offered to send replacement shirts but it would be the same issue. They actually ended up refunding what I paid. I offered to send them back but they told me to keep the shirts! Wow! I was certainly not expecting that kind of customer service but it was very nice to be taken care of like that.

The trailer repair seems to be fine! What a relief to have that done and working like it’s should. I was pretty concerned about leaving that expensive battery charger hooked up at a campground and it getting stolen. I can put it in the trailer maintenance tub and not have to worry about it anymore. I wish I could have gotten the outside outlet changed before the rain hit but with the weather moving in I wanted to make sure I had food first and foremost. Plus, it started raining sooner than expected.

That’s all for this post. Was a restless night last night and I am three big glasses deep on wine…sleep beckons!

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