December 11th, 2021


I had no hot water in my hotel shower this morning and they didn’t seem to care. So, kiss my ass Holiday Inn/IHG hotels. You got the last dollar from me you’ll ever see. Shitty customer service. They have had this problem for a few days and STILL rented out rooms.

Today’s drive was quite an adventure. The winds were just horrendous and I was driving into it all day. I encountered rain almost all day, and when it wasn’t rain it was snow. I only saw slush on the roads in one spot so it was okay to drive.

I had to hold on to the wheel tight all day. I saw a small car that had rolled in one very windy area of I-5, and I saw a van nearly get blown over. It it had been more of a crosswind I am sure the trucks would have gotten off the highway.

The drought was evident along the way when I could finally see something:

One arm of Shasta Lake

Anyway, I landed in Redding, CA right around dark. I had to stop to get gas along the way and I wish I had stopped in Oregon; it was $5 a damn gallon in California when I had to stop for fuel. I don’t know how people afford to live here.

I just got back from getting a Double-Double and fries from In-N-Out, my first burger from this chain. Better than Maid-Rite for certain. It was a pretty good burger I must admit. Worth the hype? Oh, I don’t know. I like the burgers and atmosphere at Dick’s Drive-In in Seattle better. And the fries – I don’t really like those skinny fries but these were better than most.

I have not really eaten a meal out since I left so this was a splurge day for me. I have wanted to try one of their burgers for a while but I have not had access to them very often so since this one was only a few minutes away I went for it.

So now I am watching the weather on TV to figure out what I will be doing to make some progress tomorrow. I think once I can get through tomorrow I will be in pretty good shape if I can get farther south. It is still looking bad to the east so I don’t know how this will unfold.

I guess we will see what the morning brings!

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