December 10th, 2021

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Today I find myself back on the road. The weather is going to turn poopy pretty quick so I’m trying to get as far as I can while I can.

I got back on the road about mid day. I had to take care of a couple final appointments before I left and luckily they were in the morning. I got some good news at the doctors office. First off, I don’t have the ‘rona, which I didn’t think I would test positive anyway. Secondly, my lab work all came back really good so I am making progress. I also got my booster shot today so it was a good day. I just hope I don’t have any reactions to it.

It sucks only being able to be back for a couple of days and then end up leaving again without seeing anyone. I did actually see one friend. I pulled up near him at the library after I saw him pull in there. He didn’t see me so I called him and talked about 10 feet away from him. I kept him in the phone for a few minutes and then rolled down the window on my truck. He was getting out of his car and looked over and saw me then started laughing. I got him good. At least I got to see someone other than my doctor.

I have ended up in Salem, OR for tonight. Going east from here there are very few options to do so, and they are mostly blue highways; I will certainly be avoiding those during this storm. I knew with the weather I needed to go far south anyway to avoid it so the next few days will be an adventure. I really don’t want to spend any extra cash on hotels I don’t need to spend.

As has been the case every time I have been through Portland, the traffic sucked horribly. And it sucked all the way to Salem. And, as usual, it was not even rush hour. However, it was really the only option I had to get anywhere. Winter storms are hitting all the other routes to drive so I have no choice and I figured I’ll make the best of it.

I was hoping to get a bit farther. I knew leaving as late as I did I was going to not get far, but the traffic was so bad I had enough and gave up in Salem – I just was not in the mood for this shit. It was dark anyhoo and I hate driving at night for several reasons.

I think I will be able to keep moving but it’s going to be a long way out of the way. I just checked and the weather report looks pretty bad so I may be holed up someplace to ride it out. Just all part of the adventure. This would cost considerably more in fuel if I were pulling the trailer not to mention the issues with the weather. Here is a map of what I’m dealing with:

I need to get from A to B…

I know enough to stay in when it’s dangerous and I also know that the reports can change constantly in the mountains so I’ll have another look in the morning.

And morning won’t get here very fast unless I go to bed. Until next post…

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