December 12th, 2021

I woke up to more rain and wind again this morning. There was a High Wind Warning but I needed to press on to get out of this storm system. It was definitely windy, but I was fortunate I pushed on to where I stopped. There were several travel advisories north on I-5 and I am glad I was not dealing with that stuff.

I headed on south on I-5 and in the early afternoon the rains finally stopped, then I started to see patches of blue sky – the first time I have seen that in about a week. Then I got to see the sun north of Bakersfield.

Eventually the temperature warmed up and it was 68 at one point. This was also a welcomed change since it has been miserable nearly every day since I left.

Gas prices came down to about $4.05, then bounced all over the place. It is hard to try to guess so you just gotta fill up when necessary. I’ll be glad to get out of these prices.

It’s been a long day but I should be out of the bad weather now so I can slow the pace. I saw several things I wanted to see but I was racing the weather so I couldn’t stop. I hate driving these long days and not taking the time to look at things. It goes against how I travel, but I had my priorities and that was to avoid the storms.

I ended up in Barstow, CA. First hotel I rented was weird. I remember staying at this hotel around 2008. It was NOT a dump then like it is now. The heater did not work, the phone did not work to call the Front Desk, and I was afraid I would catch something if I got into the bed. They offered a different room but I told them I need something better. It was so horrible I left and went to another hotel. Not like I’m a prima donna but we all have standards. That was WAY below mine. Not good. Yeah, non-refundable room so it is an expensive night paying for two rooms.

Anyway, I got in a little late since I drove after sunset, then the horrible hotel, then finding this room. But, I have a clean bed & bathroom, heat, and don’t feel like I will be leaving with crabs.

Tomorrow, I get to slow down!

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