September 19th, 2021

Well, tomorrow is the day! I am back out on the road for another adventure and cardiac rehab graduation! It’s a pretty big day on a personal level accomplishing that.

It’s a bit weird leaving Washington and going on an extended journey yet again. It’s nice to have freedom from a schedule and the flexibility that comes with it. But there are the “other” things that come with it, like uncertainty. Many people cannot handle that. I don’t mind it.

This trip kind of has the feeling I had when I left CO to come up here to WA in 2012; I started this blog early in that adventure. It really feels like another big adventure. A huge adventure. Not sure why I get that feeling but I do and it’s pretty strong. I guess part of that is because I know where the first few stops are. I am still pondering the options beyond that but I’ll leave it at that.

I have spent the last few days getting more things into storage and got the load down pretty good. I am packing most all of my clothes since weather this time of year can start to be unpredictable. Luckily some of the things with me will not be going back to WA, like this abundance of groceries. I’ll eat this down into something more manageable for storage as that is where a lot of the space is being taken up. I will be shuffling stuff around constantly for a little while until some room can be made. A few things are getting dropped off as well.

Unfortunately this journey kind of came along unplanned so I had way more groceries than I thought I did so I have been trying to eat the reserves down. I should not need to stop for much or very often for a few days – maybe to pick up some fresh produce and frozen berries. I have done some meal prep and I can simply nuke things for several days, like my pasta sauce and a few other things. Breakfast is overnight oats so that is easy and quick plus it IS my usual healthy breakfast. I also will have full hookups the first few nights, but you will find out more on that when you keep coming back to read my blog!

Speaking of food, the kitchen scale will still be used while I travel. Just because rehab will be over doesn’t mean I can eat the old way again. This is for life and IS life. Just because I will be traveling it’s no excuse to splurge every day; I love local foods, and that is difficult, but I know eating smart is what I need to do. I also know it’s okay to go a little crazy every so often.

I had to load up anther load tonight to take to storage early tomorrow morning. It will be a busy morning so I gotta get outta bed and get stuff done. Once I leave the house I don’t wanna come back.

Well, it’s off to bed to prepare for that!

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