September 20th, 2021

Check out my new beverage insulator.

This afternoon I took off on my road trip. I had to do cardiac rehab this morning and I am now a graduate! Yay! But I am finally out and on my way for another adventure!

I have some interesting stops planned over the next many days. Even as I write this I don’t know where I will be going later or ending up, but I will be seeing some things along the way as usual.

It was a pretty uneventful drive over Snoqualmie Pass and I am certain in the next month or so it will be snowy there and we’ll start to see closures for road conditions. That’s a plus about leaving at this time of the year, along with no crowds.

Since I had an appointment today and could not leave earlier I decided to just drive as far as Ellensburg, WA. I stayed at the KOA there, which I have stayed at a few times before. It’s a decent place for the money and convenient. I won’t need to take on much water since I have full hookups tomorrow night too plus it saves on the propane a little by sing electric heat. Not hauling a lot of extra water saves weight which saves fuel so no need to haul more than you have to. Coming up I have a few nights off-grid so I have to plan accordingly tomorrow night. It’s always good to be prepared and ready to dry camp if necessary – plenty of propane and some water in the tank and you are ready and able to stay most anywhere for several days.

I got in and set up the trailer for the night. I had to rearrange a few things when I got here as I was trying to hurry and not be late for my appointment this morning. That meant some things were slightly askew in the truck and trailer so I had to fix that to make it more manageable and usable.

After that I had to try to flush the water system out and that is a pain in the arse. The drain valves are under the bed which is already made so I have been running the faucets to get RV antifreeze out of the lines and some water treatment into the lines to sanitize it. It has to sit for several hours so I may not be able to really flush the system out until tomorrow. Not having a sewer hookup tonight is a hassle, but I wanted a quiet spot so there was a trade off and I can use the dump station tomorrow. At least I can get water to flush the toilet if I need a stop along the way.

After getting the trailer set up I made some dinner, trying to use as many things as I can to get rid of excess stuff and packaging. In a foil pouch I put some potatoes with chicken sage sausages and roasted pepper’s and onions. Then I tossed it on the grill and it was delicious. As I sat there looking at the river that flows behind my spot it kind of hit me that I am homeless again, but not in a bad way. It was that same overwhelming feeling I had in North Dakota nine years ago.

It will all be fine.

Check back tomorrow to see where I end up next!

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