September 17th, 2021

A reminder: as usual, these posts will be delayed for my safety. I will not be posting my whereabouts until I am far away from the place I post about and I do not post where I will be – it’s just not smart. The date of the post title and the date posted will not match for that very reason; I do post the actual date in the post title when I was actually at someplace. Just want to clarify that.

I have been working on packing and putting things into storage for a few weeks now. I had an issue with the landlord being an asshole and things blew up. I am not putting up with it any longer. Apparently he thinks that whenever he wants it’s okay for him to go into my house while I am gone without my permission. That is illegal on top of me feeling violated from him nosing around, and I have evidence of that as well. WTF ever.

That means I am out of this place. I really need to go travel and find a little balance in my life so this is all working out okay but unfortunately I will have to find another place to live at some point. I’ll get it figured out. But, in the meantime, I am going to do the first part and worry about the other part later. This one is for me.

And I leave in three days.

After looking, I had been somewhat concerned about finding open camping this time of year but so far I have four night’s worth of reservations, and possibly another couple of nights after that but I have not really figured that part out yet as I am trying to stay flexible. A couple of those nights the availability was slim or unavailable for places I wanted to stay so I had to change things up a little bit and find other places. I am really glad I looked but it is hard for me to want to plan a trip so far ahead with reservations. I think that at this point it’s what is the best idea, but I won’t book the whole trip at once. I want some flexibility and I really have just a vague idea of where I am going. Once there’s a reservation you will be fairly committed if they don’t refund for cancellations.

I guess my trip back to KS last year was a pretty big one but there wasn’t much relaxation going on during that trip. I don’t really count that one.

I think this time it will be a pretty interesting, and different, type of adventure; as always I try to make sure they all are! I will be going to some new places and seeing new things. Been a little while since I have been on a U.S. adventure – back to Montana a few times from here, and going to MO last month…just to name off a couple. But the last big road trip for an actual vacation was in 2018 after my dad died. It was my trip to Crater Lake, and it was really a much needed one. I really needed to go away and be somewhere for some nature bathing and think. It really helped.

That’s it for now!

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