June 28th, 2021

I. Am. Over. This. Shit.

I really hate hot weather, and it was 101 just a few hours ago at 6 PM; it should be in the 70s in this area. Hot HUMID weather is even worse and it is so humid the mountains are barely visible. I grew up with it in the Midwest, WITHOUT air conditioning, when I was a kid (yes, it had been invented by then but we didn’t have it…). It sucked then and it sucks now.

My house, like many here, doesn’t have it. I went out yesterday to be in some A/C and it was pretty hot, but today is much worse. It’s a good thing that I did not try to pull the trailer someplace or I might have had some overheating problems. I drove ½ mile down the road to head to town and my truck was already at operating temperature; I then tried to go find a shady spot by a stream in the forest and I thought my truck was going to overheat. Pulling a trailer could have been a real issue. I got a new radiator cap this morning just to make sure that is not going to fail.

I had to cook lunch at 10:30 yesterday morning and it was really too hot even that early to do so. Luckily I made up some burritos last week and froze them so I nuked one in the microwave for supper. Tonight was going to be a salmon burger but no way was I firing up the grill. I probably coulda thrown the damn thing on the sidewalk and cooked it.

It is looking like tomorrow the weather is headed back toward normal finally. I bet many will be looking into installing air conditioning after this. Unfortunately we have been in drought conditions here and July 5th starts the dry season so it is going to be a tough, dry summer. Still, with all of this, the stupid don’t believe in climate change. Idiots.

I started the cardiac rehab today. I can see where it will be beneficial to start with and will keep going as long as it is still helping me improve. Today was a “let’s see where you are at” appointment and it went pretty well. I got on the treadmill and he put me through some speed and incline testing. Honestly I am pretty goddamn sick of being restrained over the last 2½ years from doing things I want to do because of all the medical appointments, surgeries and limitations. I want to go places and enjoy being retired; it’s supposed to be more than just not working or constant recovering from something medical.

Since next week is the holiday I have two weeks off of the cardiac rehab (I should clarify WHICH kind of rehab…). This would be a great opportunity to go someplace but I don’t know if it will happen with all the variables. We will see.

Stay safe!

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