July 7th, 2021

So glad the heat is gone. That was just incredible to see happening here in this area. It’s now much more tolerable – 60s & 70s – but the humidity has been around 90% a few mornings when I went out for a walk.

I took the freezer door off the fridge in the trailer on Thursday but could not fix the problem without new parts. One of the plastic hinge parts was broken and could not be fixed so I replaced both sides while it was apart and it should last for a while. Those were ordered the same day and got here today. After some trial and error I got them replaced this afternoon and the door works great.

I started working on the trailer windows but decided to not take the windows out. I am going to just dig out the old caulking and recaulk them. They don’t leak so I’d rather not take the chance of completely breaking the seal and then they start to leak.

I had to order new window sealant caulking and it will be here tomorrow. The stuff I have is clear so not only does it make it look unfinished, but worse yet you cannot see if the gap is sealed up or not! I should have the new white sealant here this week so I can seal the windows, door, and anything else. I can still use the tubes of clear that I have for stuff on the roof so it will not be wasted.

The back window is the biggest problem area for the windows. I had to slather it with silicone last year in a rainstorm to stop a leak. The moulding around the glass has shrunk and I don’t have the ability or knowledge to replace it myself. I’m afraid I’d break the glass so it’s going to have to go to the glass shop to be repaired.

Last week I sent my MacBook Pro in to trade in on a new iPad Pro to replace it. I got a really good trade in value on my computer. I will get much more use out of an iPad now than I did before. I can take it traveling much easier and it weighs less if I want to backpack travel.

I am getting a little stir crazy. I really need to find someplace to go. It’s a real pain in the ass having to work around yet another goddamn medical issue. I know this cardiac rehab is important but I need to get away really damn badly. Most areas are still very hot or on fire so I really can’t go very far. At this point getting away anywhere would help. Once I get the windows sealed on the trailer I will should be able to get away for almost a week and have enough time to get back for my appointment.

That’s about all for today’s update.

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