June 26th, 2021

Words to live by

It’s pretty damn hot but I needed get out of the house for a bit today. Unfortunately we got a couple more days of even hotter weather. I hate this bullshit hot weather nonsense and it should not be this hot here. At least the truck has good air conditioning so I made good use of that whilst I was oot and aboot.

The afternoons seem to be the worst – it’s when the sun hits the west side of my place and really heats it up so I just cannot wait to see what the next few days bring. Oddly, late afternoons seem to be the worst time for the heat.

I thought I would try to go to Costco again while I was out since it was so busy the other day. I needed to get a few things so I got that taken care of. I have been eating lots of Deglet Noor dates as a part of my diet and they have big bags of them there; they are a healthy snack that are filling and really satisfies the sweet tooth. I got a few other things and went on to another store to find some fresh fruit before heading home.

My new passport came today so even though I have no firm plans to go anyplace right now it was really exciting to get that and I really look forward to using it. I got one with extra pages when I ordered this one – I plan on using the hell out of it so I figured the extra pages was a good idea. I am dreaming of going to Amsterdam and Ireland again as soon as I can, but with a stopover in Iceland so we’ll see what happens. It’s an easy trip to go alone if necessary. There are many places I want to visit in The Netherlands I have not seen so I can find places to go. But, checking Google Flights, it is pretty damn expensive to fly internationally at the moment. I’ll keep looking.

It’s too hot to work on the trailer refrigerator so I have to put that off for a few days. At least the fridge works – I just cannot freeze anything with the freezer door not working. I do have my cooler to fall back on as well, but I honestly do not freeze much. I don’t really use much ice in my water – I want to quench my thirst without a brain freeze. I am not really drinking vodka anymore these days either so no mixed drinks.

Speaking of booze, I bought some wine and it has been going down way too easily on these hot days. I got a box (!) of Franzia Chillable Red and it is refreshing on a hot day. The box says it is 34 glasses of wine but I think I got 13 so someone is not measuring correctly. What are they using…shot glasses? I know I am not!

I got out fairly early this morning to beat the heat and did a two-mile walk, then I walked another mile with a friend before it got too much later or hotter. I may go out for another walk around 9:00 PM when it cools off (or it may be a stumble…depends on how many glasses of wine I have!). I have been kind of slacking on my walking the last few days because it has been warm. I am still getting in over two miles a day since I have been busy with the trailer prep and running errands.

I have been trying to keep from heating the house up any more than necessary so if I want to cook anything I do it early and/or do it on the grill if possible. This afternoon was barely tolerable and tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so I may need to go visit people with some air conditioning. Not many people up here have it, but a few friends do and have invited me over to partake.

That is about all for tonight.

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