May 12th, 2018

A beautiful day it was today! I took total advantage of it and was outside working on the trailer most of the day. I got a lot of things taken care of –  I installed a new LED porch light (definitely MUCH brighter and also saves battery). I took out the vent fans and cleaned them up and tightened up some loose hardware that was causing issues (I may have to replace one of them). I also got a new range hood vent installed on the outside and tomorrow I’ll try to reach in and seal it up a bit with some metal tape.

The plastic license plate holder on the taillight broke off last Fall and I had forgotten about it since it has been under a cover until today. I suddenly remembered, though, when I found the license plate under some stuff on the table. I got replacements for both sides ordered as well as some wasp screens for the fridge vents. When I took the cover off the trailer and went to seal up the vents there were hornet and wasp nests both in there. Luckily they were old ones. I ordered a small sliding spacesaver spice rack as well.

It is still hard to get used to owning the trailer but I am getting more used to it the more I am doing things to it and upgrading things. Being a long-time tent camper makes it a bit of a conundrum, but with my back and neck issues I cannot sleep on the ground any longer. It is pretty nice to be warm and dry. That for sure doesn’t suck.

It is supposed to be even nicer the next two days so I am taking advantage of taking care of this stuff while it is nice out. The sealant is some expensive special stuff that is much different than any other sealants I have used before and I want it to dry so it is at least not tacky. I am still thinking of going someplace but if it is nice out its gonna be packed everywhere. I do have a backup adventure possible though.

The following weekend I start working on the weekends so I’ll be off during the week. That makes it a little better when I want to go someplace and do things. Yeah it will be filled with tourists but no weekend warriors will be in the mix either.

But hey…people getting out into nature is good. I am sitting out in my back yard, typing away and watching the birds feed and listening to them chatter. It’s a pleasant evening with all the trappings of a small and older neighborhood – the sounds of kids playing, the smell of freshly-mown grass. Oh, yeah…and lest I forget the ever-annoying ever-barking dog.

I mowed my grass a little while ago after the sun wasn’t as intense. I am really trying to avoid as much direct sunlight as I can avoid and reducing my risk. With the family history the last few years I am staying up on health stuff. I don’t have a scale but I know I have dropped some pounds and I am feeling like it. My daily activity levels are definitely high and I am drinking more water again.

I made myself a Philly sandwich a few days ago and today was the leftovers for lunch. I bought a Boboli two-pack pizza crust at the store and was going to make a Philly pizza out of my leftovers but that ended up being lunch. I made a Canadian bacon one instead and it turned out just fine. I have more steak meat and I bought a two-pack of gluten-free crusts to try. Need to get back on the salads for a few days though and I am still eating some produce.

I have had more neck issues return and it has not been pleasant. Headaches are coming back and I had one all day today. My neck has been hurting incredibly bad and I cannot sleep again. I think I finally found an acupuncturist so I will be calling them up Monday to get an appointment made. If I don’t do something soon I am afraid the migraines will return. That will also determine if I go on an adventure in the trailer this weekend.

I created a map on Google Maps to drive US 2 coast-to-coast just to see what it said about how long it would take. It ended up being 58 hours. That’s about six days – a long-ass drive. And that is not including stops to sightsee. With that it could easily go to ten days one way and if I do the Atlantic Provinces it could hit 4-6 weeks total I bet. That’s quite ambitious adventuring indeed.

There would be a lot to see though! The people I know that have been there said it is really beautiful and they loved it. Shows and pictures I have seen make me want to visit there. Plus, I’ve never been there.

That’s it for now.


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