May 13th, 2018

Another busy day getting things taken care of.

Even warmer than yesterday and not a single cloud. Warmer yet tomorrow so it needs to cool off in my book.

The closer I look at the trailer I found some other little things needing to be taken care of (but it all should be okay now) ASAP. Today it was mainly adding sealant to the base of most of the lights. The putty-like sealant put in at the factory heats up in the sun and runs. Problem is runs away from where it should be and it leaves gaps where rain gets in. This was the issue I had last year when I had that horrible leak coming down onto the table from the overhead light. I have seen evidence of a few other minor leaks but I sealed those up already.

I was going to take the rear clearance lights off and completely reseal them today but there were a few problems; first was it was getting pretty warm out, making the putty difficult to remove since it was so soft. Second, I need a taller ladder. Third, was it was blindingly bright looking at the white part of the trailer in the sun. I could not see with all the glare. I got them sealed up temporarily until I can get a taller ladder and can take them off and fix them correctly. No further water will get in at least; the lights are over an area that looks to have had a leak.

I am half-tempted to try to fix the trailer shower myself but I don’t exactly know what I am getting into pulling the toilet to get the shower floorpan out. It looks fairly simple but it will be upwards of $400-500 to fix the crack if they take it all apart. If I got it apart myself it would save some real money. Hopefully there is no water damage under the shower. I guess if I took it apart and there was damage to the floor I could just have that fixed and put it all back together myself. It may be worth a try to do as much as I can.

I have not been doing a lot of extra driving lately, in part to save money by not buying the expensive gas we have here in Washington. I’m watching my money closer and would much rather be using it for going on more adventures. Staying home I have also gotten those much needed maintenance items taken care of with the trailer with the weather being so nice. And if I don’t fix these things it will be much bigger problems later on. Luckily I have not had to spend too much lately – it’s been more of my time and labor fixing stuff.

Well, off to bed.

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