April 27th, 2018

Well cool! I just found out that I am only a few blocks from the bus stop! That means less driving and more using public transit to go places. Saves gas, money and helps the planet. Won’t have to look for parking wither. The practice will come in handy for the next vacation that I fly. With the weather getting better I just might even strap on a backpack and ride my bike to the store.

I’ll try hitting more farm markets this year since they have foods that are healthier and probably safer even if they are a bit more pricey. The other plus is the local produce that is available and it is a good feeling to support those people. I’m getting better at more produce in my diet but still need more. The sugar battle continues but it’s getting better all the time.

The neighbors are talking about having a block party and doing some grilling often over the summer. With the owners of different two restaurants as neighbors I think this will be a real good thing to attend.

Glad it is finally the weekend. Been a pretty busy week. It’s supposed to rain so that is still keeping me from getting into my storage unit on the weekends so far when I have had the time. I need get a few more things out of it to put into the trailer and I also want to grab a few more things for the house and see what I can part with – perhaps even make a few bucks.

It’s going to be a low-energy weekend – been on the go a lot and need to take a little more time to relax at home. I’ll get in the trailer and see what is left to do that I can do for now and take care of it. I need to flush the water but may wait until my first trip to do it at a park or campground. My landlady may not appreciate me driving up the water bill to flush the water tank and lines anyhoo.

My futon is going to have to go I think. It just takes up so much room in the cabin, and if I have guests they can stay in the trailer. I can get my recliner out of the storage unit and that will take care of some space in it and still have something to sit on. It’s a pretty decent-sleeping futon but It’s just not gonna work.

Until next time…

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