April 29th, 2018

Yesterday was Ed Balls Day. Hope you celebrated this hallowed event.

It’s hard to believe that another month has come and gone. I cannot believe that this year is nearly half over already. It’s been busy the entire time between working and traveling here and there.

I finally got into the storage unit again today. I stopped over there yesterday but it was starting to rain so I could not take stuff out of there. Today the wet weather held off pretty good so I took advantage of it. I rearranged some things after I took out some trailer items and made a little more space in the unit.

I did a little more work in the trailer both yesterday and today. Once that first thing clicked on organizing it last week it all really fell into place. It’s now easier to find things, they are in more logical places than how I did have it organized, and I got all the stuff put away and removed a few things too.

When I was out doing that today my neighbors to the west came home. They are one of the ones that own a restaurant. She got home first and came over to say “hi” and brought me a homemade pecan cinnamon roll from their restaurant. She suggested slathering it in butter after warming in the microwave. I followed her strictest orders and did just that – slathered in butter. Diet blown all to hell in one bite. I don’t usually eat cinnamon rolls, and I have not been eating many sweets.

I MUST, however, say that it was a pretty tasty pecan cinnamon roll.

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