April 25th, 2018

A while back I picked up a jar of something called PB2. It is dried peanut butter.

Now before you start going “ewwwww” or laughing or perhaps even thinking I am a bit off (well, maybe two out of three…), it is really pretty good and made a pretty good PB&J. It is not the Simply Jif that I like or the Adam’s All-Natural which is okay. The PB2 is all natural and has 85% less fat calories than regular peanut butter. That means that 2 Tbsp has only 45 calories and 13 from fat. A good trade-off that is still pretty delicious.

It has been such great weather this week that when I got home yesterday I got in the trailer and actually ended up spending several hours in it making some more changes to my storage. I got to thinking about rearranging some things again as I sat there, and I think I finally got it nailed down well. I was not happy with it the last time I tried to rearrange it so it had to change.

I got some news from Jim a few days ago that we are probably not going to be ale to go to Europe together this year. Something came up for them and they won’t be able to go. It’s all good, though. You gotta take care of things that are priority in life and there’s still definitely going to be a trip together. It just won’t be this year.

I guess I will need to decide what I will do about vacation this year at some point…whether I will go ahead and go over there myself or do something different. It would be a great opportunity to do the US 2 road trip to Maine I want to do. That’s a long drive but still on my list to do.

That actually might be a good idea the more I start to think about it. I will be done working this year earlier and I could finally make it to New England just in time for the colors changing and miss the weather. I had thought about doing that a couple of years ago but didn’t ended up working and saving some money. Now I will have the time off and can go. It would be cheaper than Europe possibly but fuel in the truck pulling the trailer will be a big expense.

But, dammit…I still want to go to OLD England! Oh well. It has been around for centuries and it’ll be there a few more years I imagine. We’ll get there maybe next year together.

The work week draws to a close and I have another adventure coming up that I decided on a few days ago to go on. Not gonna say what it is yet but I am certain that I will post about it.

Off to bed for now. See you next post.



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