April 8th, 2018

Where did the weekend go and where did all this energy come from? I was way busy this weekend, and much busier than I wanted to or anticipated I would be. I had the realization this afternoon.

The day started off rather early…6:10 AM to be exact. Woke right up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and fired up the coffeepot. I decided to make something outrageous for the morning meal- a breakfast taco with a turkey bacon outer “taco” shell, two eggs scrambled, and some smoked cheese I brought back from Amsterdam mixed in. Topped it with two small strips of Kraft American. It was quite an interesting experiment and was more awesome than you can imagine. I have real bacon in the freezer and I’ll try that soon too. That should up the awesomeness a few levels. After that I made breakfast sandwiches for the week.

I finished organizing and stocking the trailer with things and closed it up. I still need to get the shower floor fixed at some point and get the fender well replaced. I have an idea about fixing it but not sure what the best fix would be. I want thicker metal in there. The blowout the trailer had in Utah a year ago tore the hell out of it and I’d like to avoid that happening again. Other wise, though, after I flush the water system it’s ready for the road!

I then went and got some 3″ potted flowers, potting soil, a tomato plant, and a hanging strawberry basket. I just got some small, bright flowers to contrast my brightly-colored pots and I bought a big new ceramic pot for the tomato plant to stretch out in. I might go back and buy some more flowers and another tomato plant. I might even get another strawberry basket. I hope to get a few fresh things to eat in my back yard this year.

THEN I made the salsa chicken. While it was cooking in the Instant Pot I put last night’s enchilada batch together and baked those. They really turned out good. While those baked I got the salsa chicken out of the pot and had a taste of course. It was pretty good, but I must say that of the two I like the enchiladas better.

While this was cooking I had the realization I needed to relax at some point this weekend, and it was getting late in said weekend…so SIT DOWN!

So I did. I popped in a DVD I got from the library yesterday and it was about drive-in movie theaters. It was a pretty cool doc. Took me back, thinking about going to the drive-in when I was a kid in the family Chevy II station wagon – back seat folded down and a place to sleep back there. I remember going to the State, Lake Park Twin, Lakeside, Fairyland, Boulevard – all in the Kansas City area, and the Fort and Skylark in Leavenworth, KS.

Then in the 70’s it was, shall we say, a little different. I remember being at the old Fort Drive-In in Leavenworth and getting shit-faced (and puking) for the first time ever and it was on Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill and Wild Mountain Grape wine. The main movie was Jaws and I laughed my ass off at it. Until I puked my toenails up. Wasn’t quite so funny any longer.

I remember another time at the Skylark we built a structure out of beer cans and bottles. Used to love the burgers there and it was a cool place to hang out with friends. Maybe next time I am around one I will go see a movie (if I can stay awake!).

Anyhoo, I did very little resting this weekend but I got a lotta stuff done. There will be time to rest later but that’ll soon be in the trailer someplace away from home!

Lately I have been revisiting our Europe trip and thinking about going again this off-season. I’m not sure when my season will be over yet this year but right now it’s looking like it could be 1 October. I have considered other places but another trip to Europe would be just fine and it’s a little more practical experience visiting a foreign land. I know it’s early but just doing a little preliminary pondering.

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