April 7th, 2018

First week in the new job and it went well. Already doing some of the responsibilities in my previous position is a plus, but there are the typical differences in how different places do the same things. It will be fine and I already was out on my own doing some things after some intense manual labor earlier in the week. The ol’ Activity Rings on the Apple Watch were going crazy!

It felt good to get out and do some things to get back in the swing of things for the season. The people are all nice and I am positive it is going to be a great season! I’ll be going back to the last place I worked in a few weeks to train my replacement and hopefully give her a running start at her new job. It will also give me a chance to catch up with some friends and have a beverage or two with them as well.

My efforts at being more healthy by being more active, watching my diet and cutting back on sugar seem to be paying off. My belt is getting tighter and I am feeling a bit more energy. I am not eating nearly as much junk food or sugar and my willpower is getting better and stronger. I still need to work on my diet a little more but it has improved tremendously.

Right now I am getting ready to cook my third dish for today. I had a frozen Beef Bourguignon with Beef Sirloin dinner from Omaha Steaks that I got for the holidays and it was tasty. I made that in the slow cooker this morning while I took care of some paperwork and errands I had to run. After that I made some chicken for enchiladas (no canned sauce!) in the Instant Pot that really turned out delicious. Next I am making some Salsa Chicken for tacos. I know it’s a lot of Mexican food but this stuff is healthy and tastes good. As always, I will freeze most of it and it’s an easy dinner after work.

I still need to try to make (from scratch) some General Tso’s chicken and some other Asian and Thai dishes. The stir-frying thing is a bit intimidating to me but you never master it until you do it so I am going to have to just try it. Still need to get a good wok to do that though. The rice noodles are healthier than regular noodles too. I also have not done a lot of baking so that is something I want to try as well.

Yesterday I went to visit friends and then get a haircut. I came home and was full of this new-found motivation and energy so I started digging in to organizing the trailer. I got quite a few things done and was able to figure out a few new ways to organize and I ended up moving things to different places. It is difficult with limited space in a 15′ trailer to figure out where to put bedding, cooking items and food, and clothing.

I made a trip to the storage unit this morning but the wind is blowing really hard today and the rain threat was unpredictable so I could not work on that like I need and wanted to. I was able to get several things out of the cabin and into the trailer, and I think I have found a few more things to get rid of to remove some clutter.

Tomorrow I’ll be cooking up some breakfast for the week and doing some more work in the trailer if the wind dies down. I have a little more cabin organizing to do still so that should keep me busy for a little. I hope if the wind dies down a little tonight I can get a few more things done in it but it is not looking good.

Some downtime would be nice tonight though…even though I don’t drink much alcohol anymore I may just have a cocktail or two tonight. It’s been a long time and it sounds kinda good right now. I got a few movies at the library to watch so I think that is the plan. I’ll cook the Salsa Chicken tomorrow.

And…I’m out!

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