November 3rd, 2017


Slept in…check. Trailer winterized…check. Laundry…check. Chinese food for supper…check. It was a productive day today.

I was hoping to meet up with Meghan and Loran today over by Coeur d’Alene for a few days but the weather reared its ugly head in that direction and they needed to avoid getting stranded someplace. Not that it is horrible to be stranded in Cd’A, but trying to get back home is their goal. I guess that means I need to find something else to do the next few days.

I need to go look at new glasses. Mine need replaced very soon and I have the time to go look and get a pair or two. I need to get to the dentist too. Both need taken care of while I still have insurance.

I saw it snow today while I was doing laundry. Dammit. I am not ready for that nonsense quite yet. I winterized the Scotty first thing today so seeing that snow and then the revised forecast I am glad I got it done today.

It looked like no water had leaked inside after I did the repairs a few weeks ago. I do have a cover on it so that may stop some rain, but as hard as it has rained lately I would think some would have gotten through the cover and its would have leaked. No matter the reason, I was glad to see it was dry. I’ll have the cover off again at some point and will be able to check it better. I need to go back to grab the propane bottle this weekend since I forgot to grab it today. I do plan on taking the rear clearance lights off and re-sealing them like I did the front ones. Gotta keep the leaks at bay. I may even replace the roof vents next year with more efficient ones and those would be resealed when installed. After that the roof should be pretty watertight.

I guess it is good I’ll be working in that it is too cold to get the trailer out anyway. There’s some cold weather moving in along with some accumulation of snow. Pretty much all the places I was considering. Won’t matter in a hotel though!

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