November 4th, 2017

This morning I got adventurous and tried to make a breakfast dish in the oven with bacon, eggs, turkey sausage, English muffins, tater tots, and 5 different kinds of cheese. It came out okay – it is a little dry but I’m sure it’s nothing a little gravy cannot fix!

It was a lazy day today (other than the cooking). It was nice to have a down day. I plan on getting out tomorrow to do some things – there’s some snow expected and everyone freaks the hell out thinking it’s the apocalypse happening every time we get a storm. Stores are jam-packed and traffic sucks. That was today, as it is every Saturday. Sundays people are home cooking, watching football, and whatever else they do. I try to avoid those busy days.

I need to go look at glasses still and grab a few things at the store. I was considering going to Sequim today and do those things on the way but the weather isn’t much up better there so I decided to stay home for that reason too.

I’ll find out what tomorrow brings when I wake up.

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