Wait a Minute…Not So Fast…

Well, my long winter just got shortened today. I got extended at work for another month or so to cover for other people who are out and help out with some of the pre-holiday stuff that’s coming up.

I had some ideas to go a few places soon, and was actually getting ready to buy a ticket, but it looks like I’ll be postponing any travel for a bit and make some money instead. I need a break but I am okay with it. I am off tomorrow and through next week due to some prior ideas I had in the works.

It also looks like I’m possibly going to be winterizing the trailer tomorrow if my plans fall through. Got some freezing temps on the way and I need to make sure the water lines are emptied with the compressor and the drains are filled with RV anti-freeze. It won’t take too long. It is a little disappointing to have to put it away so soon, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. It’s tough to pass up making some money when you are a seasonal employee. I’ll still have 3 moths or so off!

And in other news…

I gave in and finally got myself an Apple Watch 3 LTE. I have been putting it off and going back on forth on it since they came out with the first version, debating it’s real usefulness. I have had discussions about them with others and everyone had a comment on some feature they liked. Those that have them really like them and find them handier than they thought they would be.

Now that I have one I have to say that it is really a useful item and I do like it. I like the Activity, Breathe, and Heart apps. I use Water Minder on my phone and it has an Apple Watch app built in for free. You don’t need to pull the phone out of your pocket or even have it with you all the time. I used mine as a phone to make a few calls and there are quite a few useful apps on it along with Watch versions of iOS apps. It will be very useful while at work to keep up on work messages, calls, etc. without having to dig my phone out of my pocket or even take off my gloves. It is really good at the things it does – the very reason I buy Apple products.



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