September 13th, 2017

I am working on another new song finally.

It’s been a drought for songwriting but I have gotten some inspiration and an idea has come to me for one of the next parts of my opus “The Neverending Suite”. I am constantly writing and adding to this piece of music that, in theory, will never really be done – hence the name. It is still currently at 13:38 in duration since I have not added to it in a while.

I am working on the lyrics right now and it is probably the darkest song I have ever written lyrically. It will be a challenge to come up with music to match it but I have been coming up with a few ideas I have recorded as notes and not in the computer yet. Living the drifter life drastically cuts back on the ability to set up a rig for recording so I have to figure out how I’m going to get around that easily. Just one reason I haven’t added to it.

Laying down the track will require some creativity. Recording the guitars and keys can be done easily – just go right into the computer. I don’t have a good solid-body electric guitar yet, no amplifier, no microphone, and I no longer have a mixer either. I will get it figured out but it will mean making a few more purchases. Cash donations gladly accepted! Or, if you’d like to send me a Shure SM58 with stand, a Les Paul, a small guitar amp, a powered mixer, and the necessary cables I would be oh so appreciative!

Not sure how the neighbors will take to recording though. It will sound strange outside these walls – just my voice basically since the rest will be recorded and playing through the headphones – so I have to really do some work figuring that part out. One thought is hanging blankets in the bathroom to deaden the echo. It is the only room not on the hallway and the easiest to fix acoustically so it is probably the best location.

I say one of the “next parts” because “The Neverending Suite” is somewhat biographical and adding this new part skips a few other things that I may or may not want to be reflected in the main work; that is another reason I haven’t added anything else yet. I have been considering adding a few instrumental passages after what is currently done to break it up a bit. After looking at what I have written tonight in the last few minutes I think catching your breath ahead of listening to a song so dark may be a good idea. I’ll see when I get it figured out!

Writing is very therapeutic. Some write poetry, some write books, some paint, but I chose to write songs.

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