If You Could Go Someplace…

…where would it be and why?

I am NOT talking about one of those “unlimited money” trips since money can buy everything but happiness. I am talking about someplace that strikes a chord inside you; not just Monte Carlo because it is expensive or has naked beaches…or Antarctica because it is simply one of the coldest places on Earth. These places DO have other things to see.

I have been looking at flights. I am into history quite a bit but I love local food, architecture, and scenery as well. I am thinking about Amsterdam via Iceland. Seems like some interesting places but that may be too much to do. I’d like to go for three weeks minimum if I go on a trip like that.

On the other hand, I watched a travel documentary about the Motherland. Yep, Ireland. I may have to move that to the top of my list of trips to take. Family history, pubs, Guinness, beautiful countryside, Guinness, small villages, the cliffs, Guinness… Taking a trip next week will help me out, but I want to get to Europe soon.

I have had blog visits from 43 different countries and I bet there is something interesting in each one of them. Let me know what it is!

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