December 16th, 2020

As I sit here and start typing this post I am enjoying a cup of Cuban coffee. It is one of the coffees in last batch of coffees I ordered. It is not bad but there are others I got in that order that I like better. They have so many coffees I have to … Continue reading December 16th, 2020

September 13th, 2017

I am working on another new song finally. It's been a drought for songwriting but I have gotten some inspiration and an idea has come to me for one of the next parts of my opus "The Neverending Suite". I am constantly writing and adding to this piece of music that, in theory, will never … Continue reading September 13th, 2017


Music used to be my world. I grew up collecting vinyl and going to hundreds of concerts. I spent many dollars on CDs, DVDs, concert tickets, guitars, and other music equipment. I did concert lighting and stage production for years as well. It was my life. Over time I lost some interest in music until I … Continue reading Music

New Song – 10/30/13

Well, I finally got motivated and worked on a new song. Actually, I have had this for a while but it wasn't recorded with vocals until tonight. I started it on my iPad while on a plane. I was experimenting with Garage Band on it and recorded a few things. Two of these I kept, … Continue reading New Song – 10/30/13

My Postings Have Been Quiet…

..but I have been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Weather has been beautiful lately, but the showers may be back this week. I am hoping to get a bike ride in and undertake an adventure this week since I have a three-day weekend. Victoria, Canada is still on my radar and … Continue reading My Postings Have Been Quiet…