But of Course!

Yeah, of course… it had to happen. Two days before I am off for some vacation time I get a damn cold.

I felt something coming on a couple of days ago but thought I could fight it off. Yesterday I started hitting my inhalers from the Formula 409 bronchitis from some weeks back. This morning I got the sniffles and then sneezing and feeling run down. Today I went and got the Zicam swabs and melts. It really seems to be helping quite a bit. One would think that with the vodka I drank last week it would have gotten rid of any germs in my body by at least drowning them if not outright killing them.

I cannot get sick right now! I’ve got things to do and people to visit and relaxing to accomplish in the next week and a half. The weather has been changing and I have been stressed out a bit so it’s no wonder my body is revolting. Got some things going on that  I will get handled in the next few weeks so the stress of those things is short-lived. It IS, however, still there.

I felt good enough tonight to make some breakfasts and dinners ahead. So far I have bowtie pasta drizzled with olive oil with garlic and chicken/mozzarella/basil meatballs. For breakfast I made a skillet scramble and some breakfast sandwiches with bacon and either smoked gouda or smoked cheddar (I made both!). I am going to experiment with more stuff tomorrow night after work. I think I am going to try to bake some small sandwiches made from some of that leftover Italian beef I have in the freezer. I’m going to cut off pieces of canned french bread and fill with the beef and bake them like a filled bun. I might even try it in the muffin pan. I can plate it up with au jus for dipping.

I usually like to make a bunch of stuff ahead and either freeze or just refrigerate it for later. Quite often I will devote one whole morning to doing just that. I am freezing some things, but I thought I would take some with me to eat while traveling in the trailer for a few days so I do not have to make a mess cooking in the trailer. If I were going for a long time I would probably still make up a few things to start the trip out then cook later on in my travels.

Yesterday after a doctor appointment I went to a Bob’s Burgers restaurant and had a guacamole burger. It was pretty good, but the fries were typical frozen shoestrings so not impressive. They were fine, but I like my fries with more character. The ranch dressing was really good with the fries. I also got a quesadilla with chicken and it was quite tasty, especially with the sour cream and salsa.

I have been thinking of ideas of places to go and will post on here when I end up someplace. All that I DO know for certain is that I am getting away and I AM taking the trailer for the first part of the week.

I am not going to take the trailer to MT – I’m just not sure about the weather (mainly the freezing temperatures) this trip and don’t want to freeze the pipes in the trailer. I do not know where I will end up the first part of the week yet but I have to see how I feel. I guess I can be sniffly in a campground just as I can at home. I hope I can kick this cold before next Wednesday or I may have to make other plans and I don’t really wanna do that. I cannot get Meghan sick right now since she is pregnant (not like there is EVER a good time to have a sick kid).

Fingers crossed for feeling better!


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