An Interesting Evening


I went down to the Chinese restaurant for a late supper. It was a bit surreal experience tonight.

It was like one of those black & white movies from to 40s or 50s – dark sidewalk in a small town, with a little diner with flashing lights in the window that is open into the wee hours (well, 10 PM at least!). And I’m sitting in this movie – loving every little thing abou it. You know the type of movie I’m talking about. “Film noir” would be the genre.

I have not had the opportunity to do this much since I have never really lived in a city so I’m going to do often. I remember doing this a few times in Denver when I still lived in CO. The dive bars on Broadway – The Hornet was the first one I went to and a sentimental fave along with being a cool place. Others I cannot recall but are in that same neighborhood. Amazing NY-style pizza was to be had down Broadway from there a few doors past the Irish pub. The Guinness-sponsored double-decker bus pub-crawl my friend Tony and I went to in Denver. So this is not necessarily a new experience, but one that has not been had in a while or (in hindsight) often enough.

Maybe one of these days I’ll have a girlfriend to share these things with, but in the meantime I am not letting that keep me from doing anything. I have friends up here close-by that like to do stuff so if I want to not go solo I can arrange it with one of them. Just maybe they know cool places I do not know of and vice-versa!

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