Winding Down

As the season winds down, we are all doing the same. People heading back to college in a couple of weeks, some traveling, or others off to another seasonal gig. Still plenty of work to do yet, though for those of us being kept on a little later in the year.

With that slowing comes the chance to finally be able to get away for some much-needed time off – enough relaxing to tide me over until my season ends and I can really go away for longer trips. I have some time saved up and several days of earned vacation time that I need to use while the weather is still decent since I’d like to go north.

After I get a few personal priorities taken care of that are temporarily holding me back I will finally be able to get away. Those things are slowing me down from getting a few flights booked and a road trip or two planned.

I do have one trip planned for Montana to see Meghan but I won’t know about getting back to KS until I get those personal things out of the way. My friend Jim and I are not real sure about going to Europe yet given the political stupidity going on so that is possibly on hold for a while. I have been seeing some screaming deals for flights on a website I subscribed to and I don’t know if I want to, or CAN, wait too long with the prices I have seen. There are plenty of other places to go!

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