Today, August 23rd, 2017

Well, I went out and got a few lottery tickets today. What the hell. I have not played for quite a while so I splurged and spent $20. Don’t think I got anything out of it though. Oh well. They don’t sell the lottery tickets with a warranty.

I also picked up a few groceries and also an area rug for my living room. The landlady stopped by the other day to repair a kitchen drawer and I mentioned I’m trying to get the cigarette smell out of the apartment. We talked about painting over the smell and I mentioned the “old” color of the walls so I might hopefully be getting a paint job in the ol’ apartment. A more neutral color that we talked about is actually in the area rug I bought today so it should look pretty nice if they do paint it. It’s not horrible now, but the color is a yellowish-cream color and it looks tired and dated.

I really have not watched a lot of movies/TV the last few years. Binge-watching is not usually my thing but I needed to get these movies back – I wasn’t expecting them all to show up at once!

I think I’m gonna have to break down and get some internet service. Don’t really want another bill but I like the convenience and privacy of my own modem. Using the public wi-fi/hotspots is fine sometimes, but I want secure connections when I am at home.

I hope to take a trailer trip pretty soon. In the next few weeks I would like to get out for my weekends. The season is slowing down, and I am pretty much done moving, so it will be easier to get away.

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