Movies Again – August 23rd, 2017

Finished off the remainder of my stack of DVDs from the library today and tonight.

I skimmed the “Concert for Bangladesh” and caught what I thought were the highlights. I also tried to watch “Detroit Rock City” but couldn’t finish it. I’d seen it before but today I discovered it wasn’t worth another spin. “Inherent Vice” was a movie I had gotten that has Joaquin Phoenix in it. It was a decent movie and it’s worth a view or two.

The best of the movies was “Flypaper”. It had some hilarious dark comedy scenes that had me laughing outloud. Worth one or two views. A lot of F-bombs so not for the weak!

The best of the music was “Nirvana Live at the Paramount”, which was filmed at the Paramount and was an incredible show. It is actually one of the best recorded live performances I have ever seen. That would have been so exciting to be one of the fortunate ones in that building that night with all that raw, intense energy. I know someone who was in the club scene in Seattle in those days and it was quite exciting from what I understand. Would like to have witnessed that music scene myself (and Woodstock too).

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