I Could Really Get Used to This Weather!

Another beautiful, warm, sunny day and I enjoyed it mostly from the confines of my Adirondack chair and a few small todos in the trailer. I heard someone say there were 175 days of rain/snow this winter. That’s about six month’s worth of precip. Glad to see it back the hell off for a while. It’s supposed to be nice a few more days but then start to cool off and rain will start to fall. Big holiday weekend coming up!

I should have my water heater conversion parts tomorrow so that goes in this week as well. I fired up the water heater burner today just to make sure it still works and also look for problems before I use it. Everything went fine with the test and the water was pretty dang hot. I’m anxious to get the electric heat element in and try it to see how it works. They get good reviews so I expect it will do great. It will not be too difficult to install and shouldn’t take too long.

Last time I was in the trailer traveling back from KS I noticed water has been running down the back wall from the window. I attributed this to conspdensation but I don’t think that’s what it was. The outside seal around the glass is made of plastic and it has shrunk in the sun and left large gaps on each end. I got it sealed up with Lexel and I hope that fixes what I now think is a leak and not condensation. But, the way the window is angled it would have moisture running off of it if there was very much condensation at all. One more thing to take care of more permanently but it will work for now.

As I have been doing these upgrades and repairs it has made me more aware of the things in the trailer and where they are. I have relocated some things to more logical spots that are better for many reasons. I got the overhead bunk mattresses out and going into storage along with a table stand. There are a few reasons; I don’t really need them since it is just me. It will save a few pounds of weight (anything helps fuel mileage and the small stuff adds up!), plus I can use the space for clothes and storage. I have a front dinette so I don’t need the extra table either and it doubles as a bed too.

So just when I think that I have about everything done in the trailer, more things come up. But, it IS fun and I am having a good time working on the trailer. I’m really not trying to do any radical changes to it  and keeping it as original as I can. Most of the things I’m doing have a lot of function, such as the water saving shower head, the water heater conversion, and the energy saving LED lights.

This trailer really has everything in it except for an oven. I do have a stainless steel camping oven with a two burner stove on top and it runs on propane. I will be taking that with me whenever I travel in case I want to bake something, plus I can cook outside and keep the trailer clean. I have actually done quite a bit of cooking on that thing and it works very well.

My first time using it was car camping down in southern Colorado around the town of Creede six or so years ago. That was a beautiful area and the neat little town. It’s where they filmed that Johnny Depp Lone Ranger movie. The Rio Grande River is in the area and I had a nice vacation down there. Anyhoo, the first thing I made in it was biscuits for breakfast one morning. They turned out fine and I have cooked on it and in it many times since. I was both surprised and pleased with how evenly it baked.

Well, gotta go find some food. It’s supper time!

Enjoy your evening!

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