Coast to Coast

I have written before about wanting to drive coast to coast on Highway 2 (well, as much of it as there is). I was thinking about this trip a little more and the possibility of it becoming reality this year.

Since I got my Canada National Parks pass, I might as well use it as much as I can, so on some weekends I can get to a few that are somewhat close. The others, I figure, I COULD do as a round trip back home – driving through the Great White North – on the adventure I previously wrote about. This would get me through most of the Provinces I have not been to yet and I’d get to see many new National Parks (I have been to six or so in British Columbia already)…all while getting the last three US states off my bucket list.

I debated on flying but would really like to make the best of the trip and get it all in while I am in the area.  I have a place to eat and sleep following me wherever I go so that would save some money. That said, though, I am getting to those last three states this year regardless of HOW I get there! By doing an epic road trip through all of that stuff it could really resemble fun!

The only potential problem is going in October and provided I can even get gone that early. I do not want to get frozen pipes or tanks in the trailer, as it is not built for four season use. I think I could keep the pipes okay since they are inside and I can install some louvers or vents (or a heat tape if electricity is available) to circulate air around them but the tanks are underneath. They do make heaters that are built into an adhesive foam insulation so I should look into that. That might just be enough to keep things from getting frozen.

Even if I went straight across on US 2, went to the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Ontario (been there in the 80s), Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, I’d have most of Canada (except the northern Provinces and I already had B.C. and Alberta) and could then go south to visit family in KS.

Some things and places to look forward to as I am getting the trailer rarin’ to hit the two-lane!


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