March 5th, 2017

Well, hell…

It was bound to happen.

I could not continue on my journey today. The weather finally caught up with me. It’s not so much precipitation; the wind is blowing pretty hard today and there is a wind warning for the highway so I am staying put another night. It’s not a bad little RV park and the prices are very reasonable. Food is right next door and there are several places to choose from although the majority is fast food. It is clean, safe, and well maintained. I can use electricity for my space heater and not burn up propane or battery.

It has actually just started to rain as I type this so I hope I can make some progress tomorrow. Wow…that was a short shower. It stopped already! The stretch of I-70 from Grand Junction into and across much of Utah can be bad for wind so I am glad that I stayed here for another night – it would have been foolish not to and take a risk. There is really not much as far as safe harbor for many, many miles through Utah. In fact, as I type this the wind is hitting the trailer pretty strong and shaking it back and forth and that’s even with the jacks supporting the corners. I actually just went out and moved the Avalanche around behind the trailer to block some of the wind.

After being in the trailer in the “real world” I did get some much-needed trailer reorganization taken care of after I got back from exploring, looking for tire stores. It is now less cluttered and I was able to take the rear bed down and kick back and relax on it after I was done. It’s going to need just a bit more fine tuning as far as organizing some other things but I am getting there. The work I did today really paid off and some things I will not be using will be taken out of the trailer once I do get home. Besides, what else was I gonna do? It needed done and I had plenty of time to do it so now it is.

In all of my shuffling things around today I figured out a shortcut for making my bed. I can use the other cushions from the dinette to make the “gaucho” (it’s what the rear dinette is called) into my bed and not have to try to move the unwieldy cushions around to fold it down. That’s a big plus in both time and effort since I do not want to leave it made into a bed all the time. I will definitely be investing in new foam for all of the cushions pretty soon. Some cushions the foam is breaking down and is a bit difficult to sit on for a long time. I think some memory foam will fix it. It will make a more comfy bed as well.

This is the first day I have really organized and the trailer is mine to do with as I want. It’s odd starting to “own” things other than a vehicle and a computer again. After I left my house in Colorado I was not real excited about really owning much since I DID get rid of everything in order to move. I am in the early stages of selling off most of my CD collection so the downsizing continues. I recently signed up with Apple Music so I can find all of the music that I want to hear on there (and more!) and I do not need to have the actual CDs any longer. I quit collecting and just listen to the music. I miss the old gatefold album covers but CDs never had/will have the same magic as albums. Albums sound better, but digital content is so much more convenient.

I am only using the electricity when I stop (no water or TV), and that is mainly to stay warm at night and run the microwave to heat food. I do charge up my electronics at every opportunity. A little cheaper to do that, plus I won’t have to re-winterize the water system when I get home. Not sure when I’ll be in it again quite yet so that would be a lot of work to do twice.

Toodles for now!


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