March 4th, 2017

Left Denver today after a good long night’s sleep and a hot shower this morning after spending the night at the KOA in Strasbourg, CO.

I hit the road and met up with my friend Rich for a quick lunch. Then I found another issue with a tire on the truck and it involved putting the spare on so it is looking like new tires are in the near future for the Avalanche. Finally I was able to hit the road. Unfortunately I was unable to spend any time there at all. No RV space available for the trailer. I am going to fly back as soon as I can swing it and hang out for a few days. I have several people I want to see. Unfortunately some I may not get to see and that kinda sucks.

Pretty much an uneventful drive across CO today with clear highways, beautiful blue, sunny skies, and warm temperatures along the way. I made decent time and got one state closer to being home. I am trying to race an incoming storm from the PNW and hope to get someplace interesting and fun tomorrow since I just might end up being there for a few days of waiting it out. I am not sure of my route yet but I will be in at least Utah tomorrow since I have to go through there to get anyplace else!

I get a lot of looks with the trailer. People checking it out in parking lots, looks and waves and smiles from people on the highway – it tends to gather interest still. One guy in the KOA said “Man, I really like your trailer. It’s tight!”. Pretty enthusiastic about it too. I just smiled and said thanks.

One other thing I thought of is using apps while traveling. There is the Gas Buddy app for finding cheap fuel. Another one called “iExit” tells you what things are at the exits along your travels. Of course, Expedia. Roadtrippers is another useful travel tool. Some sort of way to find out about traffic issues is handy – mine is in my GPS.

All of these apps I have downloaded, but honestly I never use them; I mentioned them here in case you would like to try them while traveling . They really are very cool and I would use them more but it’s really just not how I travel. I enjoy the discovery of things the old fashioned way…by just finding them! Sometimes I will look up a few things but I really like to just go, see, and do. Spontaneity is the best way to travel!


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