March 7th, 2017

I finally got to leave Colorado today after waiting out the weather for three days. I spent the time in the Monument RV Resort in Fruita, CO. It was a really nice park and they deserve a shout-out.

I had to buy new tires for the truck yesterday. I wasn’t quite ready to shell out the coin for that yet but it was thrust upon me with a bad sidewall on one of my tires. They still had a little wear left on them and that’s why I was trying to wait. Oh well, safe for another 60,000 miles.

I got out a little later than I wanted to but it was my own fault for screwing around. I got on I-70 west into Utah and all was well. For a little while.

I hit a patch of highway that I thought was rough. It had me wondering so when I hit the next rest area to take a break, I happened to look at the trailer and found the gray water drain dangling. Upon further inspection I found the tire tread had come off an d did some damage trying to be free. Tore up the inside of the fender to the point that I could see the water heater in one gouge and my cleaning supplies in the other. The center of the tire was nothing but the steel belts. But of course…I am in the middle of nowhere.

I got the tire changed and decided to go to Price, UT to see if I could find a tire for the trailer. I stopped at Walmart but no luck on the tire but I did grab duct tape, aluminum tape backed with butyl rubber, and the miracle in a can…Flex-seal. I sealed up the gouges with the aluminum tape and sprayed Flex-Seal on the wood sub-flooring that was bare. The fender is going to take some serious repair and I am lucky it was only that bad. It is hidden so you cannot see it, but I had to seal the gouges in anticipation of rain and snow in the next day or two. Probably oughta spray my patches with that stuff to help hold them in place.

Down the street I found a Les Schwab dealer know as Dinosaur Tire. I bought a tire from them and they helped get me back on the road quickly.

I drove across the Salt Flats and got into Nevada for the night. Hopefully it will be a good night of rest. I need it. I sure do not need another day like today.

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