Movie Reviews; The New Smoker Grill

I have been buying more movie downloads lately. I like the ease of taking downloads anywhere to watch in the trailer or on my iPad if I’m flying somewhere.

I don’t necessarily watch them as soon as I buy them; I save them for when I have nothing else to watch or I have no TV or internet access. The past few weeks I watched a few of my recently downloaded movie purchases.

First up was “Zombieland 2”. I had already seen it and the first one and got both for a great price. I’m not really into sci-fi stuff but these are fun movies to watch.

Next up was “Super Troopers 2”. I have seen the first one but not the second. It was along the lines of the first one and I laughed out loud quite a few times.

After that was “A Man Called Otto”, the Tom Hanks movie. I thought it was a pretty good movie, perhaps somewhat predictable, but a good movie worth a watch.

Then it was two Wes Anderson movies – “Asteroid City” and “The French Dispatch of the Liberal, Kansas Evening Sun”. I like his movies quite a bit, some more than others.

If you’ve seen Wes Anderson’s movies you know what they are like – interesting cinematography, A-list cast (who are usually the same cast in every movie), odd characters and quirky plots.

“Asteroid City” was first. Interesting visuals and nicely shot. I’m going to need to watch it again as it was a rather odd movie even by Anderson’s standards. “The French Dispatch of the Liberal, Kansas Evening Sun” was a bit easier to follow. These two movies probably won’t appeal to a wide audience but more to the director’s fans.

I still have a few more to watch and will mention those later.


I smoked a couple of salmon burgers today. I’m saving them for a recipe I have wanted to make for a while now. I have another idea for a new and different side dish to try to make tomorrow with the salmon recipe.


That’s all the excitement I can muster for now. See ya next time!


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