Today’s Prompt – September 19th, 2023

Write about your most epic baking or cooking fail.

Oh this is easy.

This happened many years ago. In fact, there were two things. Both times just might have involved weed.

One of those times I decided that I would take the seeds (back then a bag of weed had seeds) and toss them in my popcorn popper. Hey, it works with popcorn and they are both seeds. Seemed logical to me at that time.

Holy cow! It didn’t turn out quite as I had planned or hoped. I was going to name it “Potcorn”! Unfortunately, the seeds never popped and even more unfortunately ended up burning, leaving one horrible cloud of nasty smells to permeate the house. It was horrible.

The second time I was a visionary and you’ll see why. This was right after Fruity Pebbles cereal came out and I liked it (not anymore – too sweet). I also liked Rice Krispies marshmallow treats.

Being of stoned mind I figured I should combine the two. Seemed like a great idea (and now they are in the stores! A visionary!). I cut out a big hunk of that marshmallowy-Pebbly goodness and took a bite. Yikes! Get me some insulin STAT! It was so sickeningly sweet I couldn’t eat it.

I guess the moral of the story is get your snacks together before you spark one up. But, you COULD end up with a great story or two if you don’t!

Remember that saying:




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