September 19th, 2023 – Road Trip! Missouri State Parks Adventure – Wallace State Park

As usual, my posts are delayed for safety reasons. -Shawn

Finally! I’m out on my first adventure in the new trailer! Yep…it’s finally the shakedown cruise.

I have been trying to get something together for a few weeks now and it’s been one thing after another, but it’s finally happening! Pretty exciting.

As I write this I am in Wallace State Park near Cameron, MO. It was pretty warm when I got here in the afternoon but it is cooling off and there’s a nice breeze. The evenings have been really cool I am told.

I have both the dogs with me and I think this is actually Rumor’s first camping trip. They love to ride so they are living big. They are just lying on the gravel and enjoying being outside.

I drove around the four campground loops in the park and looked at a few sites. I saw a few that would have been okay, and actually tried to park in one spot but I couldn’t get the trailer to level out; not flat at all from side-to-side. It’s all primitive spots with no utilities or other people, but I have ended up in Campground 3.

When I pulled in I was the only one in this campground. Don’t know if it’ll last but it’s midweek late-September so I’m not too worried about the other five sites filling.

Out of four spots I parked in only one other was reasonably level. I chose this one to be away from people, and it’s a cheap site ($15!) since there’s no utilities at this loop. This gives me a chance to figure out any quirks while boondocking and see how everything works.

There’s a dump station and I can use that before I leave, but there’s really no need to empty the tanks unless they are full or if they smell bad. The overall weight won’t change that much. and it helps your tank chemicals last longer and work better.

Plus, my stops are not going to be that far apart as you will see during the next few posts. Before I left I actually filled the fresh water tank to see how it would affect towing. With the tank location and the equalizer hitch it made no difference other than I could feel the extra weight.

I’m probably not going to get out much this afternoon or evening. Maybe tomorrow I will but this place is close enough I can easily come back.

Today is all about the first trip out. I am just kinda thinking about my setup struggles with the unlevel spots and I think that I might have to modify setup options a little bit. I now think I need to get some leveling blocks to go with my wheel chocks. Gotta put my dishpans back in so I can take advantage of a nearby water spigot. Gotta grab the dog tie-out cables.

One thing I learned long ago with the Scotty: do as much as you can outside. Cooking, dishes…whatever – if it can be done outside so you don’t have to cleanup inside you’re much better off. It’s good to keep humidity down inside for one thing, and if you’re cooking fish or kidneys or liver (I don’t know why either) you sure as hell don’t want that smell in there. Even showering outside if feasible. I draw the line at public shower houses and bathrooms. I have my own, thank you, and I’m not afraid to use it.

I’m learning a few new things like the awning support can hit the door when rolling it back in. “Level” depends on where you measure it so I gotta get that question answered; I’m thinking it’s the floor. I used the inverter to charge my phone off of solar/battery. Now just how damn awesome is that?!

I can’t use the A/C or the microwave. They draw too much power for the inverter. I could bring my induction burner and dial the power down to use instead of stove on a hot day.

With no electricity I had to create a new method of reheating my dinner. I got a cooking pot out, put a little water in it, and heated it up over a little something I call “fire”. I got a smaller pan that fit inside and I put my lasagna in there to heat up. I put the lid on smaller pan and on into the boiling water. In 10 minutes or so I had a hot dinner.

So I need to grab the induction burner when heading out. It’s going on the trip checklist. I almost packed it up and brought it but I thought I’d do without to see.

I’m not sure how long I will be out or where I’m going to. I have a few ideas on places and am leaving options open. Again, you’ll find out when I do.

I just really needed to get out on the road and I also wanted to get the trailer out. I just cannot believe the difference that this trailer is making in my travels. Again, it is really pretty basic but the upgrades and features they have added and changed is so much more than my old 2008 Scotty.

It’s pretty damn awesome actually. The new little things they are doing – solar, 12v refrigerators, 12v television with Bluetooth soundbar…SHOWERS…IN A TUB!!!! I mean that stuff is really opening up new options for going nearly anywhere for more than just a day or two. You could be limited only by food and water. Or, a serial killer.

It’s really nice to get out. Needed it badly and I really have been mostly just sitting outside the last seven hours. The trees are getting color as some leaves begin to fall. The squirrels are chattering about the guy in the trailer with the two dogs. The sun is nearly down. Soon, the gate will lock for the night and still…

I am the only person in this loop!


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