Todays Prompt – September 17th, 2023

What are your favorite types of foods?

How about this…how about instead I mention a few things I won’t eat? Its easier.

Mayonnaise. F__k that s—t.

Boiled eggs. WTF is that, a white rubber ball with a greenish-yellow chalky center?

Raw fish/meat. Only in the last few years did I move from “well-done” to “medium-well”. Don’t push me. I HAVE tried sushi bits fail to see the hype. Batter mine and deep-fry it up, please.

Guts. Yeah, I’ve had haggis in Scotland and it was so damn delicious. And yeah…I know it has guts, but that’s my limit on offal. Not eating brains, eyes or balls.

So, that’s a non-comprehensive list of horrible s__t I will not eat.

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